Top Trending Videos This Week 8/13/2018

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  1. Deckipaparecki 14th August 2018 Reply

    There was a girl named Nana back there in my school days.
    I was desperately in love with her.
    She was a glance rock hippie, huge eyes, a little Asian, athletic body, short and curled hair, almost blonde…

    One day she asked me to go with her to some place. She looked worried.
    We took a bus and arrived there, it was a crumbling house right next to some busy main road just on outskirts of downtown.

    In the house, I first noticed there was dog poop all over the floor, dog itself was sound asleep and TV was on. Lights were only lit in the kitchen.

    We stepped in together but when I turned around, Nana wasn’t there anymore. I explored the entire house and realized I’m alone.

    I fell asleep in front of TV on a bed that folds into an easy chair.

    In the morning, I went to school. I never saw Nana again…

  2. How Dry I Am 15th August 2018 Reply

    Who could have guessed that videos of interchangeable girls with blank glassy eyes and gigantic fake tits would be trending?

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