Recent Sexy Hot K-pop Music Videos

Today we’d like to share some hot k-pop music videos with you in this article. The South Korean girl groups here include EXID, Twice, Red Velvet, CLC, Girls’ Generation and Black Pink, last but not least, former Wonder Girls member Sunmi. We hope you’ll like these videos we picked; enjoy watching and have a nice day!


Twice – Likey

Red Velvet – Peek-A-Boo

Sunmi – Gashina

CLC – I Like It

Girls’ Generation – Holiday

Black Pink – As If It’s Your Last

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  1. Saldena 20th November 2017 Reply

    I cannot understan only 1 thing: whats the difference between all of that cloned k-pop groups?

    • Seithr 21st November 2017 Reply

      they received plastic surgery from different places

  2. Anonymous 20th November 2017 Reply

    Very Gorgeous

  3. Beast1996 20th November 2017 Reply

    No “Hey, Stranger” of Berry Chu?

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