Introducing Popular Livestreamer Feng Ti Mo

Have you heard of popular Chinese livestreamer Feng Ti Mo 冯提莫 or watched any of her videos online? Born on December 19th, 1991, Feng Ti Mo is a Chongqing girl and have released several singles in recent years. Check out some of Feng Ti Mo’s cute photos and videos below and feel free to search more if you’re interested in the girl!

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  1. How Dry I Am 25th June 2018 Reply

    She’s very pretty and seems like a charming young lady, but she’s frankly a dime a dozen…I see nothing special about her.

    • Anonymous 25th June 2018 Reply

      yes there is something special about her…. she got a scandal
      the title is “30 min great war on bed with her god father”

      and her reply is to the scandal is… “its my private life and its non of your business”

  2. Anonymous 25th June 2018 Reply

    She is beynd georgeous

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