10 Interesting Erotic Asian Movies

Obsessed (2014): In the summer of 1969, Colonel Kim Jin Pyeong returns to South Korea after serving in Vietnam. He is suffering from post-traumatic disorder and trapped in a loveless marriage with Soo Jin, who is desperate for a child.

Interesting Asian Films That You Might Like

We’d also like to recommend some Asian films that we liked with you today. The following videos are the trailers of the films which might contain spoilers; check out the movies if you’re interested! So Young (2013, Chinese Romance/drama) Our Times (2015, Taiwanese Romance/Comedy) A Violent Prosecutor (2016, Korean Crime) The Wailing (2016, Korean Thriller/Mystery) Tunnel (2016, Korean Thriller/Drama) The Battleship Island (2017, Korean Action) Master (2016, Korean Crime) Your Name (2016, Japanese Animated Fantasy) Big Fish & Begonia (2016, Chinese Animated Fantasy)