Weekly Pics – June 2019 – Week 3

Back with our first post, sorry for the looooong wait, but we had some issues irl and also with the site. Right now the site is in a bit of a mess, but until it’s sorted, we’ll do these normal posts for a while. Each week, we’ll have a post stickied e.g this one is June Week 3, and it will be updated any time that week, then the next week a new post will be made i.e June Week 4 and so on and so on.

Posts on specific models sets with their download packs will still happen, but be a bit more infrequent until the site is better laid out.

Also right now there is some problem displaying the comments, they seem to be bunching up on some browsers, we’ll try to fix that first.

We lost a lot of momentum with this break and generally over the last few years, but actually I think we might start to build back with better updates in this way of doing a weekly post that we keep adding to.

Ideally the main part of the site will be these weekly hot pic galleries, and then we’ll still have download packs, model bios, celeb stories and videos added later when the layout is finished.

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  1. Anonymous 17th June 2019 Reply


  2. jennysdatingadvice 18th June 2019 Reply

    So HOT!

  3. Arei 18th June 2019 Reply

    Yeah yeah. Finally update

  4. JIM 19th June 2019 Reply

    Great! I love the girls you show. But how about more nudes? I would love that too.

  5. Al Koholic 19th June 2019 Reply

    Fantastic..there’s just so much quality hot asian girl spank material online, it’s impossible to sort through
    it all, but with Nia doing it for me, my masturbation schedule is much more efficient!

  6. Anonymous 21st June 2019 Reply

    Who is the girl with # 54 and acc68487 something. Name please

    • Nia 22nd June 2019 Reply

      Tomomi Morisaki 森咲智美.

  7. I'm a kanji 22nd June 2019 Reply

    I’m a natural, but never mind that “oi”.
    I can make “oi” from your gay boyfriends fart.
    It doesn’t matter where “oi” came from.

    Very few people know what I’m trying to say here.
    Very few people give a damn about music.

    However, some exclusive promotional considerations take place here and I’ll only mention London was never a part of euro hide searched, such as many girls use in order to minimize fake newsflashes.

    This isn’t a complaint, mind you.

    And yes, before StarCraft, we played yuque.
    So there you go.

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