Here is a new set of hot Asian girls for our readers! Enjoy the pictures and let us know if you have a favourite girl in this post!

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  1. John DOe July 27, 2019 Reply

    weird.. why I cannot accessing this site from my browser typing redflava.com? It said “this page isn’t working. redflava.com redirected you too many times” on my browser. So, I need to search google first for redflava, then click the link from the google result, then I can accessing your website..

    • Nia July 28, 2019 Reply

      Sorry it seems that the non-prefixed site address isn’t redirecting since we enabled https, using www. infront of redflava should work, I’ll sort out redirecting redflava.com so that works as well, Thanks for pointing out the issue.

      • John Doe July 29, 2019 Reply

        thank you, Nia 🙂

        • Nia July 29, 2019

          I think it’s fixed now, I forced a redirect to https on everything, (and also temporarily broke everything when I tried to remove the www. prefix too, so I reverted it back and everything seems to redirect properly without causing the loop error, for me at least.)

      • John Doe July 30, 2019 Reply

        yup, its works for me too. Thank you for your effort, Nia 🙂
        hope others didn’t have the loop problem too

  2. Ary July 30, 2019 Reply

    Nia, I want to see the tits of these girls. How can i do that?

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