WEEKLY PICS – Feb 2020 – WEEK 4

Enjoy another fabulous pack of hot Asian gravure idols and models! Let us know if you have a favourite girl in this post!

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    • Nia 28th February 2020 Reply

      Her name is Ren Ying Ying 任莹樱, aka Jennanni Jen.

  1. Sandstorm 29th February 2020 Reply

    Is there no download options anymore? to download all in zip or rar

  2. Guilherme Almeida 5th March 2020 Reply

    Name please: https://www.redflava.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/009.jpg

    • Nia 6th March 2020 Reply

      She is only known as Selena.

  3. J'Kara Rohan of the Rift 13th March 2020 Reply

    I like the busty rounded girl in orange on top best. She is gorgeous! Not as hot as some of my neighbours though.

  4. Paul 19th March 2020 Reply

    I like a girl on a bike with a green shirt! Who is she!!

    • Nia 20th March 2020 Reply


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