Hot Asian Girls Of The Week Dec Pack 2

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  1. Anonymous 6th December 2017 Reply

    Wow, gorgeous ladies..

  2. Christopher smith 6th December 2017 Reply

    Very Gorgeous ladies…

  3. King 6th December 2017 Reply

    Other than the Japanese gravure idols, the japanese models are left cute but nothing compare to the Korean. They are so hot, sexy & feminine. Sorry for the Japanese fans. Just not for me. I know many will say Korean mostly plastic but hey, “they are hot, sexy & feminine”. Thats my point.

    • Anonymous 6th December 2017 Reply

      yes, both of them got different definitions/qualities for models, japanese models are using “natural” approach where everything seems natural looks (natural body shape and natural face), while the korean models will be doing some workout to shape their bodies that’s why you might found korean models got sexy and sporty/athletic-like bodyshape, and their skin face will be smooth like porcelain, this porcelain-like skin doesn’t mean they got plastic surgery before, some of them are still left with natural face (no plastic surgery), while some of them went undergo partial plastic surgery (mostly are nose and/or eyes only). In the end, it’s a matter of personal preference which type you like it most

  4. Anonymous 7th December 2017 Reply

    You should put the name on the pict

  5. tokoyol 7th December 2017 Reply

    Very nice. All very good looking babes.

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