Victoria’s Secret Angel Ming Xi Falls On Runway

Chinese Victoria’s Secret Angel Ming Xi, aka Xi Mengyao 奚梦瑶, fell during Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2017 in Shanghai, China. The show has finally come to Asia this year, and the unfortunate incident just happened two days ago. After the stumble (video below), Ming Xi recovered gracefully and kept her smile on the whole time.

This is reportedly the biggest mistake in Victoria’s Secret runway history. The first fashion show was held in New York in August 1995. Ming Xi apologized for “letting her country down” through her Weibo. Some netizens, including Ming Xi’s fans, her celebrity friends (Chen Xuedong 陈学冬 for one), EXO fans (Ming Xi is a fan of EXO, the South Korean-Chinese boy group) and even the people who run the show, encouraged and praised Ming Xi for her poise, while others criticized her for that she could have handled the situation better.

We’re wondering now what would happen to Ming Xi’s modelling career. Once on a Chinese TV talk show, Ming Xi revealed that she would quit her job if she ever falls on Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The hot news has wiped out the net these last few days and it seems everyone’s talking about it on the social media.

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    beautifull smile…

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