Top Trending Videos This Week

Are you interested in what we’re watching and what is trending lately? Here is a random selection of videos that Nia and Flava have been sharing with each other recently. Check them out if you’re interested and let us know if you’d like to see more posts like this on RedFlava in the future!

Introducing Popular Livestreamer Feng Ti Mo

Have you heard of popular Chinese livestreamer Feng Ti Mo 冯提莫 or watched any of her videos online? Born on December 19th, 1991, Feng Ti Mo is a Chongqing girl and have released several singles in recent years. Check out some of Feng Ti Mo’s cute photos and videos below and feel free to search more if you’re interested in the girl!

New And Popular Kpop Music Videos

Today we’ll share some new Kpop music videos with you, including MVs from AOA, BTS, SHINee, NCT, Winner, Lovelyz and Dreamcatcher, etc. Enjoy the videos if you like Korean music!

Viral Karma’s A B*tch Chinese Meme

A quick post to share with you a recent viral Chinese meme challenge “Karma’s A B*tch”; check the videos out!

Popular Asian releases In Music And Video

Here RedFlava is sharing with you some music videos, TV series and reality TV shows that you might like to check out if you like Asian stuff. Why not take a look? These are also the types of things I’m following recently; hope you’ll like them too! ^^ Red Velvet ‘Bad Boy’ (South Korean girl group Red Velvet’s latest MV) Negotiator (Chinese TV series starring Yang Mi and Huang Zi Tao) The Singer – Hua Chen Yu‘s Performances (Chinese singing competition program) The Unit (South Korean survival reality show) Idol Producer (Chinese reality boy group survival show) Idol Producer Episode 1 PPAP Performance The Ex-File 3: The Return of the Exes (Chinese romantic comedy film) Suzy ‘Sober’ (South Korean singer/actress Suzy‘s latest MV) Joker Xue (Chinese singer-songwriter Joker Xue‘s latest MVs) A-mei (Taiwanese singer-songwriter A-mei‘s recent MV) Tientsin Mystic (Chinese drama TV series)

Classy Pretty Girls In Chinese Music Videos

Some interesting Chinese music videos I came across the other day. Check them out and let me know what you think! SING Lady S Bonus Videos Rollin Wang Lady Bees

Interesting Asian Films That You Might Like

We’d also like to recommend some Asian films that we liked with you today. The following videos are the trailers of the films which might contain spoilers; check out the movies if you’re interested! So Young (2013, Chinese Romance/drama) Our Times (2015, Taiwanese Romance/Comedy) A Violent Prosecutor (2016, Korean Crime) The Wailing (2016, Korean Thriller/Mystery) Tunnel (2016, Korean Thriller/Drama) The Battleship Island (2017, Korean Action) Master (2016, Korean Crime) Your Name (2016, Japanese Animated Fantasy) Big Fish & Begonia (2016, Chinese Animated Fantasy)

Recent Sexy Hot K-pop Music Videos

Today we’d like to share some hot k-pop music videos with you in this article. The South Korean girl groups here include EXID, Twice, Red Velvet, CLC, Girls’ Generation and Black Pink, last but not least, former Wonder Girls member Sunmi. We hope you’ll like these videos we picked; enjoy watching and have a nice day! EXID – DDD Twice – Likey Red Velvet – Peek-A-Boo Sunmi – Gashina CLC – I Like It Girls’ Generation – Holiday Black Pink – As If It’s Your Last