Alternate Solution

So since a lot of people requested the site to continue, we came up with an idea to still post content here. Basically there will not be posts as there were before with download packs, but we'll still attempt to host links to everything Asian Beauty we like.

Check Out Our Sister Site Funnyflava!

Redflava readers, please feel free to check out our sister site Funnyflava!

FunnyFlava Finally Back Up And Running

Our sister site FunnyFlava is back up and running as well! Hooray! Same like RedFlava, we’ll still need to do a lot of changes. Please bear with us, and check out FunnyFlava too! Thanks for visiting!  

Red Flava Reboot

So you may have noticed has been offline for a few weeks after making a post about a server move. Well obviously the server move didn’t go well, and the migration of files was corrupted, so even though we have the backup of the database for posts, we lost 6 years of pictures to go with them -_- . We only have the full posts from the first 2 years of the site. Coupled with deciding to cancel our new server account because they messed up the migration, we decided to just start from scratch on a blank server. I decided to go with a different server setup to learn something new, and used Ubuntu with Apache, whereas before I’d used Debian and Nginx to run WordPress, and ran into some problems setting up object cache for the site amongst other things, since I didn’t want to just use WordPress plugins for it. I regret this, as if I’d set up the server with what I know, it would have been up a week ago. Anyway, there was no point pointing the domain to the new server until we had some posts set up, so those are the main […]