Fake Adult Videos – Korean Celebrities Targeted

Recently in the news, there’s been a new issue of what are being called deep-fakes. These are video clips that use a celebrity’s face merged onto a video of something, usually adult videos. These images and videos have been around for a while, but now with the use of new apps like FakeApp, the process has become streamlined and straightforward enough for anyone to attempt to create with just a photo-set, an adult video and a few days of rendering the fake video. Previously you would need a high level of technical knowledge and a powerful computer network to create them, instead these new apps use A.I to create these new extremely realistic deep-fake videos. Most of the fake videos involve actresses or singers, such as Game of Thrones actresses, e.g.¬†Emilia Clarke, movie stars such as Emma Watson, Gal Gadot, and current pop-stars such as Ariana Grande. But there have also been people making these fake videos of some of the popular Korean celebrities, such as AOA‘s Seolhyun and Blackpink‘s Rose. It seems no one is safe from this new issue, and it’s only just started. Most likely there will be videos of every female celebrity because more and more […]