Social Links for China

Baidu Forum: Forum at Baidu, largest online Chinese community.

ForeignerCN Forum: Forum for foreigners in China.

Ipart: popular social networking site.

Jiayuan: popular social networking site.

Juyou: China’s answer to Myspace.

Mop Forum: Forum at Mop.

Renren: One of the biggest social networking sites in China.

Sina Forum: Forum at Sina.

Sohu Forum: Forum at Sohu.

Weibo: China’s answer to Twitter.

 Social Links for Japan

2chan: Massive Japanese BBS that spawned the idea for an American version 4chan.

MixiJP: The biggest social networking site in Japan.

 Social Links for South Korea

Cyworld: South Korea’s social networking service. Members cultivate relationships with each other through their “minihompy”, which encompasses a photo gallery, video, message board, guestbook, friend list, and personal bulletin board. Users can also have avatars and “mini-rooms”, small, decorate-able, apartment-like spaces in an isometric projection, all of which makes for a Sims-like experience.

Art Links

CG Textures: One of the best sources for free textures on the web, updated regularly; another indispensable service.

Blog Links

Culture Japan (Danny Choo): Great blog which has a unique style. All his pictures are high-quality, and the blog mainly details his otaku interests.

General Links

AR1AS: A style blog with a focus on edgy art, hot fashion, gorgeous Asian models, sexy videos, bangin’ music and everything in between.

Dailylenglui: A blog site aimed at promoting beautiful Asian women to its viewers around the world.

Moko: Major Chinese website for fashion portfolios; a large collection of photo sets and info of models, photographers, makeup artists, etc.

News Links

5566: A big collection of many Chinese news websites.

Sina News: News section of Sina.

Tencent News: News section of Tencent QQ.


Baidu: A Chinese language search engine, among the many services it offers; more useful than Google for searching through the Chinese net.

Google Translate: An invaluable translation tool (Google Chrome has it inbuilt; other browsers can download plug-ins). Even if it is not perfect it can be a massive help for navigation and gleaming a minor understanding of things.