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Zhang You – Nude For The Apocalypse

Chinese "Breast Goddess" Zhang You, aka Ayoyo, has lately shared a set of half-naked pictures of herself in front of the mirror. The highly popular Internet babe claimed that she firmly believed in the apocalypse in the year 20...
by Nia


Yang Qi Han Attempts Suicide For Sex Video

One of our most featured Chinese models Isabella Yang Qi Han was reported to attempt suicide last Thursday afternoon. At around 4:30pm on August 11th, Yang Qi Han was caught sitting in the window of her hotel room at Huaqiao Ho...
by Nia


Wang Jia Yun – Life-size Walking Doll?

17-year-old Chinese female student Wang Jia Yun became famous overnight in the Chinese and Korean blogospheres last month. First revealed as a life-size walking doll born in Kowloon, Hong Kong, Wang Jia Yun is actually a normal...
by Nia



Zhang Wan You – Babe With A Special Aura

We’ve mentioned the hot model and football babe Zhang Wan You before. Born in Qingdao, Shandong, Wan You was said to be first known for her roles in a few TV series. However, she is best known for the infamous “Toilet Posin...
by Nia


Leo Strut – DiCaprio Inception Photoshop

The Leo Strut meme has recently been widely popular on the net. With hundreds of photoshops of Leonardo Dicaprio strutting happily, originally taken from filming of Inception. As the film has been an international success and o...
by Flava


Singapore Rich Girl – Sex Addiction

Just like Qian Qian from Taiwan, who quickly gained popularity online for her blog post “I’m a Bitch…Just Wanna F**k”, on the leading Taiwanese blog site Wuming with the username “cc1031cc”, “Black Lace Queen”, ...
by Nia