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Before And After Surgery/Makeup

A new wave of makeup/surgery phenomena has been spreading on the internet recently, mainly due to the advanced plastic surgery skills in South Korea and the young generation who are eager to learn new things such as makeup skil...
by Nia


Nong Poy – Most Beautiful Transgender

Saknarin Marnyaporn, better known as Nong Poy or Treechada Petcharat, is a Thai actress, singer and model from Phang Nga. Since last year a large amount of Nong Poy’s pictures have been circulated around the Internet, claimin...
by Nia


Asian Women – Before and After Surgery

Here are some before and after surgery photos of Asian women. Some of the celebrity images are still disputed by many as to whether they have really undergone surgery or not. Especially the photos of Angelababy, who denies havi...
by Flava



Liu Shi Han – The Transsexual Model?

We mentioned that Liu Shi Han didn’t tell much about her family because she was adopted at the age of 7 or 8. Last month on December 29th, Liu Shi Han announced on her Sina microblog that it was true she had transsexual surge...
by Nia


Li Yufen – Hot Idol from Taiwan

Li Yufen, also known as Tia Li, is a popular model and actress from Taiwan. She is often referred to as Little Vivian Hsu due to her strong resemblance. In recent years, Yufen’s popularity has quickly increased after her plas...
by Nia


Shou Shou – No. 1 Car Show Model

Zhai Ling, commonly known by her nickname Shou Shou (meaning “Beast Beast”), is China’s “Number One Car Show Model”. She is famous for being involved in the first and most notorious nude photo and sex tape scandal “...
by Nia