Zhou Yan Xi – Pretty Chinese Girl

Zhou Yan Xi 周妍希 is a pretty and hot Asian model from Mainland China. Enjoy Zhou Yan Xi’s sexy picture set in this post!


This is a new picture set for July 2019 week 3. Enjoy the absolutely gorgeous and sexy photos of Asian girls! Have a nice day, everyone!

Eimi Fukada – Cute Japanese Girl

Eimi Fukada 深田えいみ is a cute and sexy Japanese AV idol. Eimi Fukada was born on March 18th, 1998. Enjoy the picture set!

Weekly Pics – July 2019 – Week 2

It’s a new week! Enjoy our hot picks of sexy Asian women and let us know if you have a favourite girl on this page!  

Yuumi Shida – Lovely Japanese Babe

Yuumi Shida 志田友美 is a lovely and cute Asian model and actress from Iwate Prefecture, Japan. Yuumi Shida was born on February 11th, 1997. Do you like Yuumi Shida and her picture set in this post?

Weekly Pics – July 2019 – Week 1

We’re sharing a new set of hot Asian babes for our readers this week. More hot pictures coming up soon; we hope you’ll like them!

Miu Nakamura – Hot Gravure Idol

Miu Nakamura 仲村美海 is a hot and sexy Japanese gravure idol. Take a look at Miu Nakamura’s hot pictures and let us know if you like the idol!

Weekly Pics – June 2019 – Week 4

Here is a new set of hot Asian girls for this week; let us know which babe is your favourite in the comment box below. Enjoy the pictures! More to come soon!  

Li Ke Ke – Pretty Chinese Model

Li Ke Ke 李可可 is a pretty and sexy Asian model from Mainland China.

Arina Hashimoto – Cute Japanese Girl

Arina Hashimoto 橋本ありな is a pretty and adorable Japanese AV idol. Check out these absolutely hot and cute pictures of Arina Hashimoto! Hope you like them!

Tan Ji – Super Hot Chinese Babe

Tan Ji 坦己 is a hot and beautiful Asian model and Internet babe from Mainland China. Get in the post and check out Tan Ji’s super hot picture shoot! Enjoy!

Weekly Pics – June 2019 – Week 3

Back with our first post, sorry for the looooong wait, but we had some issues irl and also with the site. Right now the site is in a bit of a mess, but until it's sorted, we'll do these normal posts for a while. Each week, we'll have a post stickied e.g this one is June Week 3, and it will be updated any time that week, then the next week a new post will be made i.e June Week 4 and so on and so on.