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Korea Autocamping Show 2013 Event

The 2013 Korea Autocamping Show (KAS) began last week featuring Korean race queens and models Eun Bin Yang 은빈양, Han Ga Eun 한가은, Shin Se Ha 신세하, Lee Hyo Young 이효영 and Jo In Young 조인영. Just like many...
by Nia


Korea International Boat Show 2013

Ahoy landlubbers. It's only time for the world-renowned Korea International Boat Show. Who wouldn't want to buy a boat with these hot models showing them off. No doubt boat sales have gone through the roof. Imagine sailing on y...
by Nia


World IT Show 2013 Event Photos

This is the recent World IT Show 2013 event. You'll see here popular Korean race queens Lee Ji Woo, Ju Da Ha, Choi Byul I, Park Si Hyun, Han Chae I, Jo Sang Hi, Choi Byeol Ha, Im Min Young, Lee Hyo Young, Yee Ah Rin and Song Jo...
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Korea Speed Festival Round 2 2013

Korea Speed Festival, Round 2 2013; here you'll see race queens Ju Da Ha, Lee Sung Hwa, Cheon Bo Young, Im Min Young and Lee Hyo Young. Check them all out!
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Korea Scooter Race Championship 2013

This is the Korea Scooter Race Championship 2013 Round 1 event, featuring popular Korean race queens Hwang Mi Hee, Song Jina, Seo Jin Ah, Oh Ah Hee, Kim Ha Eum, Shin Se Ha and Shin Hae Ri. Check them all out!
by Nia


CJ Super Race Round 1 2013 Event

This is the 2013 CJ Super Race Round 1 event! Of course, we're going to share with you snapshots of fabulous Korean race queens present at this popular event. Feel free to scroll down the page! ^-^ (Featured race queens: Eun Bi...
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