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RF’s Favourite Music Videos Of 2013

Red Flava’s Favourite Music Videos Of 2013: No. 1. EXO - Growl, No. 2. After School - First Love, No. 3. Teen Top - Miss Right, No. 4. Sistar - Give It To Me, No. 5. Hebe Tien - You Better Not Think About Me, No. 6. Miss A - ...
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Top Models Of The Month Dec 2013

Next we have this month's model chart: Top Models Of The Month, December 2013. For this monthly ranking, every featured Asian model on Red Flava will have a chance to be on the top three spots. As you already know, Red Flava ma...
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Favourite Korean Photo Shoots 2013

Red Flava’s Favourite Korean Photo Shoots 2013 (in no particular order): Lee Eun Seo, Jo In Young, Heo Yun Mi, Lee Eun Hye, Han Chae I, Shin Se Ha, Cha Sun Hwa, Choi Seul Gi, Cheon Bo Young and Ju Da Ha. Feel free to brow...
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Favourite Chinese Photo Shoots 2013

Red Flava’s Favourite Chinese Photo Shoots 2013 (in no particular order): Hou Shi Chen, Liu Wen Wen, Jin Mei Xin, Wang Zhi Xuan (aka Wang Miao), Fu Mei Mei (aka Wang Ying), Chen Zi Xuan, Ye Zi Xuan, Wang Xi Ran, Chrissie Chau...
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Most Unforgettable Asian Girls 2013

Red Flava's Most Unforgettable Asian Girls since 2013: No. 1. Mia Teng (Taiwan), No. 2. Yu Da Xiao Jie (China), No. 3. Shin Se Ha (Korea), 4. Xu Rui Yu (Taiwan), 5. Asuka Kishi (Japan), 6. Yuan Ai Fei (Taiwan), 7. Li Qi Xi (Chi...
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RF’s Most Popular Korean Models 2013

Following up on our Top 10 list of Chinese models, here is Red Flava's Top 10 Most Popular Korean Models featured on our site in 2013. We have selected five recent pictures of each of our Top 10 Korean models, which will give y...
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