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Before And After Surgery/Makeup

A new wave of makeup/surgery phenomena has been spreading on the internet recently, mainly due to the advanced plastic surgery skills in South Korea and the young generation who are eager to learn new things such as makeup skil...
by Nia

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Amazing Japanese Makeup Transformations

20-year-old Japanese student, Eriko Kaji, has amazed audiences with her makeup skills on TV show “Bakusho Gakuen Nasebana-ru!” just not long ago. Now Eriko is back and takes up the challenge of transforming college sports s...
by Nia


Creative Eye Makeup Art Photos

A set of creative eye makeup art images. Your cup of tea? Why not see for yourself?
by Nia



Asian Women – Before and After Surgery

Here are some before and after surgery photos of Asian women. Some of the celebrity images are still disputed by many as to whether they have really undergone surgery or not. Especially the photos of Angelababy, who denies havi...
by Flava


Asian Girls – Before and After Makeup Part 3

Due to the popularity of our previous post Asian Girls – Before and After Makeup, we have gathered more pictures of before and after makeup from Asia girls. What do you think of these new photos here?
by Nia


Masako Mizutani – A 43-Year-Old Japanese Woman Who Looks Half Her Age

Masako Mizutani looks like a 20-year-old but is actually a 43-year-old mother of two from Nagoya Province, Japan. She supposedly hasn't had any plastic surgery but spends around 5 hours a day taking care of her skin.
by Flava