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Mai Nishida – New And Old Collection

Some new and old pictures of Japanese idol Mai Nishida 西田麻衣 in this pack that we want to share with you today. You may have seen some, or most, of these pictures before, but if you haven't, feel free to download the fre...
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RF’s Most Popular Japanese Idols 2014

This is our 2014 list of the Top 10 Most Popular Japanese Models featured on Red Flava. Our popularity ranking is based on a combination of Google searches, Facebook likes, comments, and how active the models have been througho...
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Mai Nishida – New And Old Pictures

In this photo update post, we're going to share with you some new and old magazine shots of Mai Nishida 西田麻衣 which we've never posted before. You'll probably recognize some of the old sets which we've shared a few pictu...
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Mai Nishida – More Photos From DGC

This is the second pack of Mai Nishida's 西田麻衣 latest DGC photo shoots. You can find the first pack in this link. This set is from the April issue of DGC, No.1155. Did you miss seeing Mai Nishida on Red Flava? Get the se...
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Mai Nishida – DGC Shoot And YK Pics

Finally a Mai Nishida 西田麻衣 photo update on Red Flava! Here we have two different sets of pictures: a mini magazine scan from the March issue of Young King, and a bigger set from the April issue of DGC (No.1155) which wi...
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RF’s Most Popular Japanese Idols 2013

Our annual ranking of the Top 10 Most Popular Japanese Idols featured on Red Flava is out! We have chosen five photos for each of our Top 10 Japanese idols, which will give you an idea of what photo shoots these hot idols have ...
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