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Wang Jia Yun – Life-size Walking Doll?

17-year-old Chinese female student Wang Jia Yun became famous overnight in the Chinese and Korean blogospheres last month. First revealed as a life-size walking doll born in Kowloon, Hong Kong, Wang Jia Yun is actually a normal...
by Nia


Angelababy – Surgery Accusations

Angela Yeung Wing, aka Angelababy, is a fashion icon of the new generation in Hong Kong. Rumours about Angelababy's relationship and plastic surgery have been going about fiercely.
by Nia


Asian Celebs – Before & After Breast Implants

Here are some photos of well-known Asian female celebrities before and after having breast implant surgery. More photos of Asian Celebs can be found at our Red Flava Gallery, along with other categories: Asian Models, Actresses...
by Nia



Pan Shuang Shuang – Bed Photos Leaked

Famous Chinese football babe Mavis Pan Shuang Shuang’s bed photos with ex-boyfriend Raymond Lam Fung were exposed in the latest issue of Hong Kong’s Next Magazine. Raymond Lam is a 31-year-old popular Hong Kong actor and si...
by Nia


Chrissie Chau – Lingerie Picture Update

We've finally got a lingerie picture update pack for adorable and sexy Chrissie Chau; enjoy the photos!
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Top Models – Chrissie Chau vs. Angelababy

Chrissie Chau and Angelababy are two of the best selling photo album models currently in Hong Kong. Recently both have released new photo albums as they battle it out to be the best selling model. Here we briefly go over their ...
by Nia