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Special Features – Angelababy

This post features "Hong Kong goddess" Angelababy. Also known as Angela Yeung 楊穎 or Yang Ying, Angelababy is originally from Shanghai. We haven't had an Angelababy post for a long time. Today we want to share some videos fe...
by Nia


Mia Chan – Cute Picture Update Set

It's been a long time since we've updated on Hong Kong babe Mia Chan 陳靜儀. If you haven't heard of the model, you can read more about her and find more photos of her in the related links below. Anyway check out these 76 ne...
by Nia


Dada Chan – Latest Photos And Selfies

We're finally sharing with you a photo update pack of Hong Kong babe Dada Chan 陳靜 today. Also known as Chen Jing 陈静, Dada Chan was born in Shanghai, China. This pack has 92 pictures, which mainly consists of Dada Chan's...
by Nia



Asian Music Chart – May 2014 [2]

Asian Music Chart – May 2014 [2]. Top Asian Pop Songs: No. 1. Jiyeon - Never Ever, No. 2. Aaron Yan & G.NA - 1/2, Berryz Kobo - Love Is Always Inside You, No. 4. Infinite - Last Romeo, No. 5. IU - Naui Yetnal Iyagi, No. 6. Yo...
by Nia


Monna Lam Complete Picture Pack

Do you still remember Hong Kong babe Monna Lam 林宜芝? Monna Lam was first featured on Red Flava in January 2012. Today we're sharing with you Hong Kong model Monna Lam's complete picture pack. Feel free to download this set...
by Nia


Asian Movie Chart – July 2013

 Popular Asian Movies No. 1. Princess Sakura: Forbidden Pleasures Romaji: Sakura Hime Japanese: 桜姫 Language: Japanese Country: Japan Director: Hajime Hashimoto Writer: Masahiro Yoshimoto, Hajime Hashimoto Starring: Ky...
by Nia