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RF’s Most Popular Chinese Models 2014

This is our 2014 list of the Top 10 Most Popular Chinese Models featured on Red Flava. Our popularity ranking is based on a combination of Google searches, Facebook likes, comments, and how active the models have been throughou...
by Nia


Guo Ting Yu – Selfies, Cosplay And More

Today we'll update on gorgeous Chinese girl Guo Ting Yu 郭婷瑜, aka Giny Guo. Born on April 22nd, 1992, Guo Ting Yu is a model, car show babe and Internet celebrity from Shanghai, China. Feel free to download this new pack o...
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Top Models Of The Month Dec 2013

Next we have this month's model chart: Top Models Of The Month, December 2013. For this monthly ranking, every featured Asian model on Red Flava will have a chance to be on the top three spots. As you already know, Red Flava ma...
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ChinaJoy 2013 – Hot Girls And Cosplay 2

This is the second part of the 2013 ChinaJoy event! You can find the first part in this link. W'e're glad to share more pictures of ChinaJoy with you today, hope you'll like this latest download pack on Red Flava. Here you'll s...
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Guo Ting Yu – Event And Snapshots

For those who like Chinese babe Giny Guo Ting Yu, here is a small picture update; hope you'll like it!
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Guo Ting Yu – Sexy Long Leg Babe

Hot model Giny Guo Ting Yu's latest photo shoots and real-life snapshots. Check them out!
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