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Yuan Ying Fen – Mixed Model/Actress

Yuan Ying Fen, sexy and hot model/actress from Hunan Province, China; Yuan Ying Fen is a quarter British, which explains her exotic looks. Also known as a football babe, Yuan Ying Fen has been featured in many national magazine...
by Nia


Li Ling – Sexy New Asian Babe Wai Wai

Li Ling, better known as Wai Wai, became an Internet sensation after appearing in ChinaJoy 2012; born on March 29th, 1990 in Changsha, China, Li Ling has produced a series of nude photo shoots and fashion shots during her model...
by Nia


Feng Jing Yin – Hot Football Babe

Feng Jing Yin, formerly known as Du Wen Xi, hot model and actress from Beijing, China; popular online as a football babe. Do you like new girl Feng Jing Yin?
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Elly Tran Ha – Pizza, Football And More

A sexy and cute photo update on Elly Tran Ha (aka Elly Wan Kim Hong), plus two videos and fab event snapshots for those who like Elly Tran Ha. Enjoy!
by Nia


Yu Zhi Qing – Adorable Football Babe

A sexy and cute football-themed photo shoot from Chinese girl Mini Yu Zhi Qing, as well as other recent pictures of the model.
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Sexy Chinese Football Babes Part 2

A hot photo collection of sexy and cute Chinese football babes. Jump to: Part 1.
by Nia