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Jjo Vely – Big-Breasted Real Life Doll

Korean girl Jjo Vely became an Internet sensation recently due to a series of photos of her confidently showing off her huge boobs in various tight mini dresses, outfits and even lingerie. Jjo Vely was even trending on one of t...
by Nia


Korean Girl Shares Sexual Weird Videos

Showry is a South Korean YouTuber who shares sexual, weird and explicit content on her YouTube channel. You may find her videos funny and interesting, or weird and crazy. If you browse through some of them, you will see cosplay...
by Nia


Singles’ Day – Half-naked Shoppers

On November 8th, 2014 in Wuhan, capital of Hubei Province, Central China, young girls and guys queued to shop at Guanggu Plaza for a "Singles' Day" sales event. The shopping center announced before the event that the first 200 ...
by Nia



South Korean Trend – The Girl Who Eats A Lot

This is not something new, but as I'm watching these videos again, I might as well share them with you who might not have seen them before. If you've never heard of this girl (Park Seo-yeon) or this new trend (online-dining sho...
by Nia


How Old Is She? Can You Guess?

How old is this woman? Can you guess? Scroll down the page and you'll find the answer. Now guess! So what is your answer? This woman is Jung Da Yeon from South Korea. Jung Da Yeon has two children. She became famous a few ye...
by Nia


Before And After Surgery/Makeup

A new wave of makeup/surgery phenomena has been spreading on the internet recently, mainly due to the advanced plastic surgery skills in South Korea and the young generation who are eager to learn new things such as makeup skil...
by Nia