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Xia Xiao Wei – Chinese Cutie Is Back

It's definitely been a while, but now Chinese babe Xia Xiao Wei 夏小薇 is back on Red Flava! We're glad to share the latest pictures and selfies of Xia Xiao Wei with you today. Get ready to download this cute pack to view mo...
by Nia


Huan Miao Miao – More Nemon Shots

We'll continue to share with you just a few more mini sets of Chinese hottie Huan Miao Miao 桓淼淼 taken by famous Chinese photographer Nemon. You can find Huan Miao Miao's previous Nemon shoots in this post. It looks like N...
by Nia


Zhang Xiao Ge – Stunning New Photos

Today we're updating on beautiful and cute Chinese girl Zhang Xiao Ge 张小格 on Red Flava. 59 pictures in this pack. The mini studio sets are mixed with some self-taken snapshots of the model. If you like Zhang Xiao Ge, stay...
by Nia



Wang Ming Ming – Sexy Anhui Babe

Wang Ming Ming 王明明 is a beautiful, sexy and cute model and Internet celebrity from Anhui Province, East China. Wang Ming Ming was born on November 2nd, 1990. Wang Ming Ming has attended the 2013 ChinaJoy event along with ...
by Nia


Wang Xin Yao – Lovable Guangzhou Girl

Wang Xin Yao 王馨瑶 is a cute and hot Asian model from Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong Province, South China. Also known by her English name Yanni, Wang Xin Yao came third in the Guangdong Division of the 9th Miss Tourism Cu...
by Nia


Ren Hong Jing – Beautiful Asian Model

Ren Hong Jing 任泓静 is a beautiful and hot Asian model, actress and car show girl from Wuhan, capital of Hubei Province, Central China. Formerly known as Zhou Mu Ying 周沐莹, Ren Hong Jing also goes by the name of Candic...
by Nia