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Animals Escape – Flood in Fuzhou China

Posted  22 Jul ’10  by  Nia

Since the beginning of this summer, a large area of China has been suffering from floods, rainstorms, mud-rock flow and landslides. Until today, more than 100 cities in 27 provinces have been affected severely. Over 230 rivers were flooded. So, what happened to the poultry?

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Chinese Gossip

Chinese Celebs – Luxury Properties

Posted  21 Jul ’10  by  Nia

To wealthy celebrities like Zhang Ziyi and Gong Li, buying properties is no longer about settling down, it is more of a way to manifest their status, fame and investment. Among the very few that have revealed their properties to the public, it still isn’t easy to take a good photo of them.

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Taiwan Gossip

Taiwan Celebs – Difficult to Work With

Posted  20 Jul ’10  by  Nia

In Taiwan, any celebrity who is difficult to work with is considered to have the Arrogance Disease. It includes the following behaviors: being late, impolite, etc. Here is a list of some celebs in Taiwan who do not seem to be friendly nor cooperative, including Yao Yao Guo, Mike He, Gui Gui Wu, Baron Chen and Rachel Liang.

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Korean Movies

Top Korean Movies – July 2010

Posted  19 Jul ’10  by  Nia

Top ten popular movies of the month in Korea are listed along with their plots and some trailers. The first one is Poetry directed and written by Lee Chang-dong. The second one is My Girlfriend Is An Agent, with an interesting story plot. Then two drama films Hahaha and Lady Daddy, followed by Night Before The Storm.

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