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Wang Xiwei –No. 1 Beauty From Xinjiang

Posted  2 Sep ’10  by  Nia

Born on April 25, 1986 and graduated from The Central Academy of Drama, Wang Xiwei is a Chinese model who has been crowned the winner of many modelling competitions such as the 9th China Model Star Contest in 2003. Having covered many national magazines, Xiwei is also a popular actress.

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Royal Koyanagi – Master Artist Feature

Posted  2 Sep ’10  by  Flava

Royal Koyanagi is a Japanese manga artist, specifically an ero-comic artist. Not much is known about Royal Koyanagi, except this must be his/her pseudonym. Doing a search on the net reveals little about the artist; no interviews or biography information. Core Magazine are the publishers of some of Koyanagi’s work.

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24 Weird & Shocking Drinks in Asia

Posted  1 Sep ’10  by  Nia

1. Lizard Wine: a rare beverage in China and other countries in the far east. A bottle of lizard wine can be brewed for more than 10 years. Other than lizards, some people add geckos and ginseng (ginnsuu) in a bottle of rice wine too. 2. Scorpion Wine: In some Asian countries, people eat scorpions and use them to make wine.

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Manila Hostage Crisis – Overview

Posted  31 Aug ’10  by  Flava

One of the biggest incidents in the news recently – the Manila hostage crisis – was a terrible incident where a former high-ranking commissioned Philippine National Police officer, Rolando Mendoza, took hostage 25 people (20 Hong Kong tourists, 1 HK tour guide, 4 Filipinos) on a tour bus, injuring 9, murdering 8 innocents.

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