Chen Yang Jin – Hot Taiwanese Babe

Chen Yang Jin 陳泱瑾 is a popular and hot Asian model and Internet celebrity from Taipei, Taiwan. Also known as Grace Chen or Ge Rui Rui 葛瑞瑞, Chen Yang Jin was born on August 4th, 1988. During her modelling career, Che...
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Fang Qi Yuan – Sexy Taiwanese Model

Fang Qi Yuan 方祺媛 is a hot and sexy Asian model, racing babe and Internet celebrity from Taiwan. Born on July 19th, 1991, Fang Qi Yuan is best known as a lingerie model for the Taiwanese lingerie brand Anna Mu. Are you rea...
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Xu Rui Yu – Adorable Taiwanese Girl

Xu Rui Yu 许睿瑜 is a cute and popular model, Internet celebrity and student from Hsinchu, northern Taiwan. Xu Rui Yu was born on August 30th, 1989 and is also known by her English name Rimmy. Since 2005, Xu Rui Yu has appea...
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Yuan Ai Fei – Sexy Cute Taiwanese Model

Yuan Ai Fei, aka Xun Meng Long, is a popular and adorable Taiwanese model and actress. Yuan Ai Fei gained popularity on the Taiwanese TV programme University (aka Da Xue Sheng Le Mei). Yuan Ai Fei has also been featured in many...
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Mia Teng – Cute And Sexy Asian Girl

Mia Teng, aka Lan Feng Huang, popular model, TV hostess and Internet babe from Taipei, Taiwan; known for her sexy Mai Shiranui cosplay photos. What do you think of new girl Mia Teng?
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Zhang Xiang Xiang – Cute Taiwan Girl

Zhang Xiang Xiang, adorable and popular Internet celebrity from Taiwan; used to sell beverages in Taoyuan and was invited to participate in several Taiwanese variety shows for her cute looks.
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