Li Yang Zi – Sexy Hot Harbin Model

Li Yang Zi, hot and sexy Chinese model and actress from Harbin, capital of Heilongjiang Province, Northeast China; during her modelling and acting career, Li Yang Zi has been in quite a few TV commercials, films and TV dramas.
by Nia


Yuan Ai Fei – Sexy Cute Taiwanese Model

Yuan Ai Fei, aka Xun Meng Long, is a popular and adorable Taiwanese model and actress. Yuan Ai Fei gained popularity on the Taiwanese TV programme University (aka Da Xue Sheng Le Mei). Yuan Ai Fei has also been featured in many...
by Nia


Mina Asakura – Cute Kanagawa Idol

Mina Asakura, adorable gravure idol and actress from Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan; born on December 8th, 1989 and debuted in 2009, Mina Asakura has appeared in several films and TV dramas.
by Nia



Yuan Ying Fen – Mixed Model/Actress

Yuan Ying Fen, sexy and hot model/actress from Hunan Province, China; Yuan Ying Fen is a quarter British, which explains her exotic looks. Also known as a football babe, Yuan Ying Fen has been featured in many national magazine...
by Nia


Sayoko Ohashi – Attractive Chiba Actress

Sayoko Ohashi, sexy model and actress from Chiba Prefecture, Japan; one of the models featured in the video game "Need for Speed: ProStreet"; born on May 20th, 1985, her favourite sport is volleyball.
by Nia


Gan Lu Lu – Chinese Internet Sensation

Gan Lu Lu, new model and actress from Xinyang, Henan Province, South Central China; became an internet sensation and one of the most searched women in 2011 due to a video of her taking a shower filmed by her mother, who despera...
by Nia