Dawn Yang – Hottest Singaporean Blogger

Dawn Yang, also known as Dawn Yeo, famous blogger and model from Singapore; known for her controversial doll-like looks and voted as one of Singapore's hottest women by FHM.
by Nia


Misa Campo – Smoking Hot Beauty

Misa Campo, half Filipino half Dutch, stunning and smoking hot model and Internet celebrity from Montreal, Canada; highly popular in the import car industry.
by Nia


Yu Zhi Qing – Cute Internet Babe

Yu Zhi Qing, aka Mini, popular car show girl, model and Internet celebrity from Beijing, China; known for her cosplaying as Boa Hancock from Japanese shōnen manga series "One Piece".
by Nia



Haruna Kojima – Popular Saitama Idol

Haruna Kojima, aka Kojima Haruna or Kojiharu, popular member of Japanese idol group AKB48; has also made appearances in a number of Japanese TV dramas and movies.
by Nia


Ya Di – Adorable Chinese Thai Girl

Ya Di, aka Xia Ya Di or Atind, Chinese Thai model and actress from Xishuangbanna Prefecture, Yunnan Province, Southwest China; popular as a cosplay babe and Internet celebrity.
by Nia


Zhang You – Super Hot New Goddess

Zhang You, highly popular ChinaJoy showgirl, Internet celebrity, TV hostess, model and actress from Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, East China; dubbed "Breast Goddess" by Chinese netizens.
by Nia