Liu Wen Wen – Young Harbin Babe

Liu Wen Wen is a young and sexy Asian model, car show girl and student from Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, Northeast China. Liu Wen Wen’s favourite actress is Fan Bing Bing and her favourite sport is swimming. Apart from that...
by Nia


Jo Ye Jin – Curvy Model From Korea

Jo Ye Jin is a sexy and curvy Asian race queen and model from South Korea. During her modelling career, Jo Ye Jin has produced a series of hot photo shoots and event snapshots. Other than that, little is known about the hot model.
by Nia


Liu Duo Duo – Popular Chifeng Babe

Liu Duo Duo is a pretty and popular Chinese model, actress, TV hostess and Internet celebrity from Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, North China. Also known as Dido Liu, Liu Duo Duo is nicknamed “Little Fan Bing Bing” by the Chinese...
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Guo Yun Meng – Stunning Beauty

Guo Yun Meng is a stunning and sexy Asian model, actress and Internet beauty from Shanghai, China. Guo Yun Meng was born on February 2nd, 1991 and is currently based in Beijing. Just like many other Asian models, Guo Yun Meng h...
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Sheng Xin Ran – Hot Harbin Actress

Sheng Xin Ran, aka Angel Sheng, is a hot and rising Chinese model, actress and Internet celebrity from Harbin, capital of Heilongjiang Province, North China. Born on June 29th, 1987 and currently based in Qingdao, Sheng Xin Ran...
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Tian Si Yan – Chinese French Babe

Tian Si Yan is a stunning and rising Eurasian model, actress and TV hostess from Jilin Province, Northeast China. Tian Si Yan graduated from Minzu University of China in Beijing. As a Chinese French model, Tian Si Yan has posed...
by Nia