Xu Wan Wan – Pretty Shanghai Girl

Xu Wan Wan, popular Internet celebrity and model from Shanghai, China; runs her own Taobao fashion store; often compared to Avril Lavigne by some Chinese netizens and fans.
by Nia


Leah Dizon – Highly Popular Babe

Leah Dizon, highly popular model, singer and tarento in Japan; born and raised in Las Vegas, United States and moved to Tokyo, Japan in 2006.
by Nia


Zhang Xiang Xiang – Cute Taiwan Girl

Zhang Xiang Xiang, adorable and popular Internet celebrity from Taiwan; used to sell beverages in Taoyuan and was invited to participate in several Taiwanese variety shows for her cute looks.
by Nia



Fumina Suzuki – Rising Gravure Idol

Fumina Suzuki, young, curvy and hot gravure idol from Saitama, Japan; rising tarento with special skills in saxophone and piano.
by Nia


Dawn Yang – Hottest Singaporean Blogger

Dawn Yang, also known as Dawn Yeo, famous blogger and model from Singapore; known for her controversial doll-like looks and voted as one of Singapore's hottest women by FHM.
by Nia


Misa Campo – Smoking Hot Beauty

Misa Campo, half Filipino half Dutch, stunning and smoking hot model and Internet celebrity from Montreal, Canada; highly popular in the import car industry.
by Nia