Iiniku Ushijima – Japanese Ero-cosplayer

Iiniku Ushijima, popular Japanese ero-cosplayer from Tokyo; began her cosplay career in December 2006 and has since built up a large fan base.
by Nia


Chen Yi Man – Hot Girl From Xuchang

Chen Yi Man, also known as Coco, is a new model and actress from Xuchang, Henan Province, Central China. Born on May 3rd, 1989, Chen Yi Man has won a few modelling awards and been in several TV commercials.
by Nia


Li Ling – Sexy New Asian Babe Wai Wai

Li Ling, better known as Wai Wai, became an Internet sensation after appearing in ChinaJoy 2012; born on March 29th, 1990 in Changsha, China, Li Ling has produced a series of nude photo shoots and fashion shots during her model...
by Nia



Ayame Misaki – Cute Idol From Kobe

Ayame Misaki, adorable and sexy actress and gravure idol from Kobe-shi, Hyogo, Japan; born on April 26th, 1989, Ayame Misaki has acted in many Japanese TV series.
by Nia


Shi Yi Ke – Gorgeous Changchun Actress

Shi Yi Ke, aka Lisa, is a beautiful and cute Chinese model and actress who is also a quarter Italian. Born on May 12th, 1991 in Changchun, capital of Jilin Province, Shi Yi Ke has been the spokesperson for many Chinese cosmetic...
by Nia


Lee Yoo Eun – Fabulous Car Model

Lee Yoo Eun is a popular and hot race queen from South Korea. Born on September 2nd, 1985, Lee Yoo Eun has made appearances on many national racing events together with other Korean race queens.
by Nia