Ayuki Huang – Sweet Pretty Model

Ayuki Huang, whose real name is Huang Mei Xi, is a model working for Rui Li or Ray Li magazine since 2005. She is known for her make up tips and techniques which are regularly posted on her blogs and forums. Popular amongst the...
by Nia


Huang Yilin – Cute Chinese Babe

Huang Yi Lin, aka U.lin, is a young model from Beijing, China. Working as a model for Xin Wei fashion magazine, Yi Lin has also released her own song “Xing Kong Xia De Ai” (“Love Under A Starry Sky”) with Mencius yan, w...
by Nia


Diao Yang – Sexy Bunny Babe

Diao Yang, whose English name is Barbie, is recently considered Mainland China’s answer to Taiwanese otaku goddess Yao Yao - Guo Shu Yao. Here we show you some newest photos of this hot and sexy bunny babe along with her basi...
by Nia



Zhou Wei – Model Mistaken As Zhao Wei

Zhou wei or Ivy Zhou as she is also known as, is a up and coming Chinese model / babe, who has recently been popular due to her hot football babe photos. However upon viewing many sites who posted her photo shoot, most got her ...
by Flava


Shou Shou – No. 1 Car Show Model

Zhai Ling, commonly known by her nickname Shou Shou (meaning “Beast Beast”), is China’s “Number One Car Show Model”. She is famous for being involved in the first and most notorious nude photo and sex tape scandal “...
by Nia


Yang Qi Han – New Otaku Goddess

Yang Qihan, commonly referred to as "Little Fan Bingbing" (famous Chinese actress, singer) due to her looks, has become a new otaku goddness in China. Qihan graduated from China Conservatory in Beijing. Many would be surprised ...
by Nia