Vanquish – Japanese Game Review

Vanquish is an action packed third person shooter, recently released this October for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Basically Metal Gear Solid and Halo combined with some knee sliding and slow motion, but no sneaking and no v...
by Flava


Final Fantasy XIV – Japanese Game Review

On Wednesday 22 September, the long awaited Final Fantasy XIV was released on PC for those who bought the Collectors Edition. Final Fantasy 14 boasts some of the best graphics of any MMORPG, but it has various bad qualities for...
by Flava


Magical Burage Academy – Japanese Game Review

Magical Burage Academy is a Flash-based browser Japanese MMORPG; produced by a Chinese company, Fun City Tech, based in Hangzhou, hosted by the Japanese company Vector. It's a RO clone simplified for browser use.
by Flava