G-Star 2014 Event Pictures And Pack

This is the new G-Star event, finally started at this time of the year! Many popular and famous race queens have attended the event including Kim Ha Yul 김하율, Ryu Ji Hye 류지혜, Lee Ji Min 이지민, Heo Yun Mi 허윤...
by Nia


Top Chinese Movies – November 2010

Top ten latest Chinese films for November along with movie plots, posters and trailers: The Player (Super Player/Da Wan Jia), Color Me Love (Ai Chu Se), Legend of The Swordsman (Dao Ke Wai Zhuan), Gong Fu Yong Chun, Lao Hu Dou ...
by Nia


Amatarou – Master Artist Feature

Amatarou is a Japanese manga artist, specifically an ero-comic artist who works together with other artists on various popular ero-comics. Amatarou is another artist who likes to be in the shadows, possibly because of their occ...
by Flava



Asian Music Chart – September 2012

Asian music chart, September 2012. Number one hit goes to Kara's new single "Pandora", followed by Jolin Tsai's "The Great Artist".
by Nia


35 Healthy Chinese Snacks & Soups

The Chinese snacks usually contain dough, which can be made from eggs and noodles, wheat or rice. But today the Chinese market offers more ingredients for modern snacks, such as ham, jam, oats, cheese, etc. Here we’ll show yo...
by Nia


Tasha – Cool Diablo III Cosplay

If you’re interested in what follows: cosplay, Diablo 3, Spiralcats, Tasha, Miyuko, Hotaru Inaba or Trixie Foxx, get in the post and check out these awesome Diablo 3 cosplay photos from Tasha, one of the most popular cosplaye...
by Nia