Cute Teenage Girl – Hot Mai Shiranui Cosplayer

Back in September, we posted about this cute Internet babe from Thailand in one of our Hot Picks articles. Now we’ve got more hot pictures of this cute girl to share with our readers.
by Nia

Xiaofei & Yuqi

Barbie Hsu Engaged To Millionaire After 20 Days

Famous Taiwanese actress and singer Barbie Hsu is engaged to Chinese millionaire Wang Xiao Fei after a 20-day romance. The secret romance first broke on October 28th by Hong Kong film director Stanley Tong at a film conference....
by Nia

Selina and Yu Hao Ming

Selina and Yu Hao Ming – Severe Burn Accident

On Friday October 22, Selina Jen, member of the popular Taiwanese girl group S.H.E, and her co-star Yu Hao Ming were severely burned after an explosive accident in Shanghai, China. The unfortunate accident happened at around 4:...
by Nia


Baron Chen

Taiwan Celebs – Difficult to Work With

In Taiwan, any celebrity who is difficult to work with is considered to have the Arrogance Disease. It includes the following behaviors: being late, impolite, etc. Here is a list of some celebs in Taiwan who do not seem to be f...
by Nia

Dee Hsu

TV Hostess Dee Hsu’s Naughty Image

Dee Hsu, top TV hostess in Taiwan, is most well-known for her naughty image on her show “Kangxi Lai Le”. On the show “Kangxi Lai Le” (aka KangXi Arrives), Dee has impressed the audience with her bold and playful persona...
by Nia

Elva & Yao Ming #1

Elva and Yao Ming – Together At Last

Taiwan’s pop superstar Elva Hsiao finally met Houston Rockets star Yao Ming. Born in Shanghai, China and joining the Houston Rockets in 2002, Yao Ming is currently the tallest player in the NBA (7ft 6 inches). Lately Yao Ming...
by Nia