Li Bingbing Criticizes Australia’s Healthcare

Famous Chinese actress Li Bingbing 李冰冰 recently struggled with Australia's healthcare system. While the actress was filming the upcoming Chinese-Australian sci-fi film "The Nest" in Australian earlier last month, she purp...
by Nia


High School Graduates In Bikini For Jobs

We came across these pictures the other day: Chinese high school graduates posing in bikini to fight for job vacancies in flight attendants. When we looked more into the matter, it was actually a modelling agency's annual conte...
by Nia


Korean Girl Shares Sexual Weird Videos

Showry is a South Korean YouTuber who shares sexual, weird and explicit content on her YouTube channel. You may find her videos funny and interesting, or weird and crazy. If you browse through some of them, you will see cosplay...
by Nia



Korean Girl Group Detained At Airport

Earlier this month new South Korean girl group Oh My Girl was detained at Los Angeles airport on suspicion of being sex workers. It was reported that Oh My Girl finally returned to South Korea after being detained for 15 hours....
by Nia


Trouble Maker Releases Sexy MV “Now”

South Korean duo Trouble Maker has made their comeback this October and released new music video for "Now" ("There Is No Tomorrow") 내일은 없어. This new MV has so far received a lot of attention due to the sexual chemistr...
by Nia


Hot Korean Baseball Girls Gifs And Pics

A commonplace event in South Korea is for a celebrity to pitch the first pitch at a baseball game. This is both to provide some extra entertainment for the viewers and also to help spread the popularity of said celebrity. In re...
by Flava