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Hot Korean Baseball Girls Gifs And Pics

A commonplace event in South Korea is for a celebrity to pitch the first pitch at a baseball game. This is both to provide some extra entertainment for the viewers and also to help spread the popularity of said celebrity. In re...
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Funny Flava – Our New Sister Site

Recently we've just published our new website, Funny Flava. You can find all the crazy, funny, cute pictures that are being shared and discussed in Asia there. Pictures you probably don't see so soon on Western media sites beca...
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Nude Asian Celebs – Mr Skin Special Discount has partnered up with Mrskin to offer a Hot Asian Celeb discount! is offering Redflava users an amazing discount on membership.
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Customized Asian Beauty Collection

You might have seen this hot babe, or rather hot babes, around before. However a lot about these photos are uncertain. These are supposedly photoshopped pictures, originating from South Korea and Japan, a group who photoshop a ...
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Thin vs Voluptuous – Which Do You Prefer

We post about a lot of different models on, each with different types of bodies. But usually you can separate them into models who are thin, which fit into the supermodel category of beautiful and models who are mo...
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Asian Women – Before and After Surgery

Here are some before and after surgery photos of Asian women. Some of the celebrity images are still disputed by many as to whether they have really undergone surgery or not. Especially the photos of Angelababy, who denies havi...
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