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So you may have noticed has been offline for a few weeks after making a post about a server move. Well obviously the server move didn’t go well, and the migration of files was corrupted, so even though we have the backup of the database for posts, we lost 6 years of pictures to go with them -_- . We only have the full posts from the first 2 years of the site. Coupled with deciding to cancel our new server account because they messed up the migration, we decided to just start from scratch on a blank server.

I decided to go with a different server setup to learn something new, and used Ubuntu with Apache, whereas before I’d used Debian and Nginx to run WordPress, and ran into some problems setting up object cache for the site amongst other things, since I didn’t want to just use WordPress plugins for it. I regret this, as if I’d set up the server with what I know, it would have been up a week ago. Anyway, there was no point pointing the domain to the new server until we had some posts set up, so those are the main reasons for the delay in coming back, Nia moved house too, so that didn’t help xD!

Sorry to all our regular visitors about the downtime, and thanks for coming back if you have. You probably thought the site had just ended abruptly with it being offline so long. We’ll slowly try to propagate the site with the most popular posts from before, but you may have to wait some time. Google will have gutted our site’s ranking because it’s offline and thousands of pages have disappeared, so the site isn’t doing too well at the moment compared with before. So all in all, there’s still a lot of work to do, with getting the site back to normal. Thanks for your patience and sorry again for the long downtime.

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  1. Hey Redflava, welcome back! It’s been awhile since your site was online. Anyway, since the old posts are lost, do you happen to keep a backup of all the old packs we can download? (like a mass compilation or something) Would love to download the old packs if possible. Thanks and keep rocking! 🙂

    1. We had everything backed up on a external hard drive, the problem there was, that became corrupted a couple of months back, and we hadn’t re-done the backup, we put it off, then suddenly had to do a migration, and the migration failed too because the company doing it, didn’t do it properly. So, all in all, very annoying, over time we can probably collect the same sets. I think I randomly found our site mirrored somewhere once, just our site re-uploaded, so we could probably use a script to download it from there.

  2. you don’t keep copies in your hard drive? there could be a way to retrieve those lost files from the server. If you do kept copies in your hard drive before, there are software to retrieve those lost files from your hard drive even you have formatted them. The only thing is, all retrieve files may not be in sequence with file name & format (.jpg / .png) etc. Some able to read but some you have to guess & try to open it with different programs. Thats a great lost for 6 years photo albums. Especially JuDaha no longer live.

    1. Yeah like I said in a previous comment, the hard drive we had, was corrupted a few months back, all the recovery software Nia tried, failed. Don’t worry, we’ll collect even more pictures, and get as much as we can on the site, and this time back it up twice!

  3. Welcome back. It is quite sad to hear about the lost of all the Asian girls’s goodie, but I am still glad that the site are back again.

  4. Fiuhh, I think this site are not active anymore. Hope the problem can resolve, and Red Flava can rise again, keep fighting Red Flava.
    And, thank god I had save all Asuka Kishi and Anna Konno file before. they are my favourite Idol.

    1. It’s ok, we have bits and pieces ourselves, but they aren’t in the correct folder structure, so I can’t just migrate the database to have the posts back up. Over the holidays we should be able to catch up since this site is a hobby, and we can only do it in our spare time.

  5. I’ve got a pretty sizeable collection of photos from posts over the years, something like 104 seperate Chinese Models and 54 Japanese Models, If you like I could probably set up a temporary FTP for you guys, I tended to skim my favorite pictures from the posts, but I’ve got most of the popular chinese models, pretty extensively. I also have very large collections of some of them (especially the Japanese models) like Mikie Hara. To the best of my ability the folders are all named appropriately including the han-zi/kanji names for alot of them. If you like I could also just send a name list so you get an idea of what the site used to have.

    1. Thanks for the offer, like I said to someone else, we have bits of pieces of our favourites too, the problem is that the pictures won’t be in the same folder structure as the posts from the website, so the database can’t migrate properly without broken-links. Which means going through every picture one by one, and basically redoing all the poss. Years of posts can’t really be done quickly, but don’t worry, I’ll be helping to bring back some of the old posts since it’s partially my fault for not having a solid backup when the server migration issue happened suddenly.

  6. Welcome back ! quick question , Are we going to be able to download again like old times ? , Because , I’ve seen the recent posts and there is no download option…

    1. Yeah, download packs will definitely be back, we’ll redo those initial posts with download packs, for some reason our access to the ftp of various file sharing sites was blocked due to another issue, but I’ve solved that now. If you have a preference for a file sharing site to get them from, tell us now, since we’re making new accounts for it.

  7. I have all Shinozaki Ai photos from the old server. If you want it please feel free to contact me. Just tell me how to send them to you.

    1. Hi. I would like to have all the files of Ai Shinozaki, but I don’t know if you can send them to me. If you upload them to Mega, it would be a good way in order to download them.

  8. Welcome back redflava, its sad that some of the files were corrupted, but dont get your hopes down, i been a visitor to your site for the last couple and been loving the asian goodies, keep up the good work. All the best redflava

  9. i still have a copy of Zhao Yan Huan’s sets from the old site if you want a copy to reupload and may have others
    but i hope you can get more sets than before

    1. can you share it? you can upload to google drive or other cloud services and share. I too have downloaded almost all the files. But my hard disk corrupted and when I am about to download all again, all the files are gone.

  10. I think most of the photo are shared on mediafire to download as zip files. If we can find those zip files link, we can download old ones again.

  11. Woow, RedFlava rebooted, I had no idea. My last visit here was 2016, after got back from the jungle, RedFlava was the first site I look for after Wikipedia. XD

    Anyway, the site right now wasn’t so bad, all the photos are awesome, keep up the good work! 😀 😀 😀

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