Final Post

Unfortunately this will be the last Red Flava post from me. Thanks so much to all the people who’ve contributed to the site for all these years, and thanks to all our regular visitors and commentators.
There are a few reasons for the site not continuing. The main reason is that I don’t have much time to update anymore which affects the site traffic negatively. Another reason is that I think nowadays other major websites do a better job of sharing Asian beauty photos such as various subreddits on, Facebook pages and direct pic dump sites which have the process automated.
Lastly, I’m not as interested as I once was to make something of the site for varying reasons and nothing lasts forever, especially blogs based solely on sharing photo sets. Anyway I will probably continue to post the odd thing I find on some Asian beauty subreddits and maybe our Facebook page, but the blog here won’t be updated anymore.
You can follow us on Facebook here, Twitter here and Pinterest here.
Thanks again to everyone for your support and patience, and sorry if this is a disappointment to you.
Sending hope and good wishes to everyone.
– Nia

Download the free pack below!

(File size: 4.37MB, 41 pictures)

(Full sets of pictures in their original size can be downloaded here)

Mirror 1 (Uploaded, without AdFly)

Mirror 2 (Mega) Mirror 3 (MediaFire)

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32 thoughts on “Final Post”

  1. aiyooo why laaa….. if that, you should close down this blog to free up space for others to use this website.

    keep updating on facebook pls

  2. Thank you for everything Niaa! Sorry to see you go but you’re right – Life has to move on! All the best in your future endeavors! 🙂 You introduced us to a lot of beauty and fun! Thank you for the ride!

  3. OMG loved Redflava since…. 15 years ago? Can’t believe this. Best of luck in your future endeavors and thank you.

    PS: where are these alternative sites and subreddits??

  4. vous ne vous êtes jamais relever de la perte de vos donnés durant le transfère durant la fin de l’année 2017, le site actuel n’est même pas comparable à ce que vous aviez avant. bon courage pour votre suite.

  5. Agree with sharyzel…. Wish we could have the old Redflava back before the data loss. Where are the alternative sites?

  6. do you mind if i ask what other websites can i go to that constantly upload pictures like this? not like reddit or facebook but like nudegirls4u and

    1. I have almost 20000 ++pic Asians not nide just hot I don’t want this site to shutdown so I am struggling to contact admin

  7. Oh nooo, why in this year, my two favourite game being closed this year, and now my favourite site closed too.

  8. Sad to see this website end after all these years.

    For the Ugirl collections you can find them here:

    Website performance is patchy at best as the images are stored on which doesn’t always load (prob due to high demand). Navigation may be tricky if you can’t read Chinese but you’re looking to click on a profile and then click on an album.

  9. I like tsukasa suggestions – good pic but I think no longer being updated

    Also hope the admin hands redflava over to kxlo

  10. I post a lot of pictures of Asian Women at my yahoo group. I don’t share the sites I get the pictures from. They will be posted in their original form and can be up to 10mb for a single picture.

  11. I switched from the Anna of the shadows cosplay by 夏小薇 to a Hiko Suzuki hoodie profile pic on my lock screen. Home screen looks good with a black hole animated app, not changed.

    Also, I cashed in my municipality support of 190 EUR today. Otherwise, a nice radio station workshop, almost drowned in the rain biking home… Yawn.

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