Alternate Solution

So since a lot of people requested the site to continue, we came up with an idea to still post content here. Basically there will not be posts as there were before with download packs, but we’ll still attempt to host links to everything Asian Beauty we like.

This means we’ll probably wipe the posts that are here currently, and change the design of the site to simply show thumbnails which have outbound links to their respective galleries on Imgur or other similar sites. Since we still post to Reddit and Facebook groups, it’ll most likely be a link aggregation to the best content we find rather than hosting anything ourselves, so that we don’t have to deal with as much DMCA takedown notices for content.

Instead of a blog structure as the site is now, it’ll be more of a image board structure with comments still, this way it’ll be much easier to update. Give us a few weeks to re-organize the website. We’ll still be focusing on the same models and idols but the site will change quite a bit.

Thanks for all your comments and support.



13 thoughts on “Alternate Solution”

  1. Can any1 plz tell me the name of the chinese model who has 2 feather tattoo on her lag… Before that there was some chinese word in english which she later cover with the feathers… She is tall and does bikini shoots… HELP

  2. I’m curious what other websites are good for this kind of thing? I haven’t stumbled across any websites that group together images in downloadable packs for convenience like this.

  3. I knew many websites who host erotic pictures such as this, though they are all foreign, this is one site I know whose only serving in English language thanks for you continuation, I’m in relief to hear such great news…

  4. If the alternative is that download pack would not be given, then how about the source of the pictures? the website was originally or taken from? it would be a great option for that people can also widen their source material…

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