Red Flava brings you the hottest and sexiest pictures from models and Internet celebrities all over Asia. If you love Asian girls and culture, you’ll love Red Flava! Red Flava was founded by two creative individuals, Flava and Nia in the summer of 2010. A hot Asian entertainment blog dedicated to bringing you the hottest news, picture stories and models from China, Japan, South Korea and more. All Red Flava articles are written, commented on or translated into English by Nia and Flava; relevant sources of the articles are included (if applicable). Red Flava updates daily, with a bigger focus on Asian babes, movies and music. The name Red Flava comes from the fact that all the countries we report on have red in their flags; it also has a specific connection to the Communist nature of China where red is considered very lucky. We also like the name and how it gives us a unique red theme for the website.

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Special Features

Art A guide to the master artists of Asia, a focus on the current generation with a display of their work within the post and a download link to a larger archive of artwork. Funny, Interesting, Weird We dig out funny, interesting and weird stories from Asia along with pictures and videos when available. Forum (temporarily closed) Red Flava has its own forum. We have a series of different sections: General Discussion, Asia Discussion, Hot Models, Entertainment including Anime and Manga, Gaming, Movies & TV Series and Music. Feel free to sign up and chat about anything about Asia. Games The world of on-line games is a confusing and complex one in Asia. Whilst only a handful get ported to western audiences, there is a mass of games which are aimed at Asian players and go completely unseen in the West. This feature begins to give you an insight into all those weird and wonderful games that are played by the masses of Asia. Gossip We aim to bring you the hottest gossip from Asia, related to new generation celebrities, culture trends and Internet phenomena. Guides We provide some useful guides and links to Asia, including travel, lifestyle and culture. Movies Every month we compile a list of top movies currently showing in China, Korea and Japan. We give you a short synopsis for each so you know if it is the type of movie you will like. We also provide trailers and posters for the top spots for that month. Music In this feature, we post the hottest tracks currently in Asia. We release the charts for China, Korea and Japan with the artist’s name, song title, video and related pictures. Profiles Every month a couple of model profiles will be introduced along with their latest photo shoots, statistics and related links. Our celebrity profiles feature the more controversial, Internet top-rated, top-discussed models and TV guest stars. Red Flava Gallery (closed)

Red Flava also has its own galleries, Archive Gallery and Main Gallery. They can be accessed on the top of the website at any time. Red Flava Gallery contains a large collection of high quality photos of Asian celebrities (mainly Chinese, Korean and Japanese models), funny & cute pictures, cool pieces of artwork and cosplay photos. It is updated regularly. We hope you enjoy the articles, photos and videos on our website, please leave any comments. Thank you for visiting!

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