22 May ’17

Punrada Ratchahiranpokin – Hot Thai Girl

Punrada Ratchahiranpokin is a pretty and hot Asian model and Internet celebrity from Bangkok, Thailand. Punrada Ratchahiranpokin has shared a lot of cute and sexy videos on her live streaming channel, some of which we’ll be sharing with our readers in this post. Enjoy the photos and the videos now!

Download the full set below!

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Download Mirror 2 (Mega) Download Mirror 3 (MediaFire)

Punrada Ratchahiranpokin’s Red Flava links: Articles Profile

Punrada Ratchahiranpokin’s Statistics

Origin: Bangkok, Thailand
Occupation: model

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  1. Stark

    Thank you Niaaa!!!! :D

  2. Anonymous

    the drum girl is not her btw.

  3. Hiccup Juice

    She’s another one of those “great body, but weird plastic surgery faces” type girls

    • Anonymous

      To be fair, she does the Korean post surgery look better than most KRQ’s and models. But yeah, the fakeness is really unappealing, having seen the same facial structure template so many times already.

      • shawn

        whats KRQ?

      • Hiccup Juice

        How long have these genetically engineered, surgically enhanced Korean and Chinese babes been manufactured for? It just occurred to me, what do you think this young woman, for example, will look like when she’s in her 50’s? lol

        • Anonymous

          The Koreans began the trend around 20 years ago I guess, but by around 2004 (as an arbitrary year), there were essentially no models, pop idols or famous actresses in Korea who definitely did not have surgery. There were only those who admitted it, or had been convincingly proven of it, or continued to deny it in the face of murkier evidence. Basically, there isn’t a single famous KRQ or net idol who hasn’t drastically altered their face if not body as well – with most net idols opting for this Thai model’s type of facial composition, eg Lee Soo Bin (a popular idol around here I think?).

          In China, surgery was very rare even up to a year ago, and even up to a couple years ago, I’d argue it was mostly make-up and the blur function on photo editing apps. There were obvious ones like Zhao Yan Huan from Taiwan and Song Guo Er with the comically round boobs. Today, a lot of net idols will have had some minor types of surgery, but it’s nowhere near as prevalent – which is why you still see a lot of facial and body type variety in Chinese models as compared to Korean models.

          I mean, it’s obviously a matter of personal preference. But I think the uncanny valley feeling of seeing the same three or four facial templates on the majority of Korean models for the last several years has put me off obvious and uninspired surgery. My favourite KRQ is probably still Lee Eun Hye because she actually looks like a Korean girl-next door, and seems to mostly have relied on make-up, padded bras and exaggerated hip poses to accentuate her appeal. Kim Ha Yul has had a lot of surgery (completely unrecognisablly so) but has done it well to give her a unique look compared to other KRQ’s. Ryu Ji Hye has only had minor surgery since her debut, well minor as compared to the norm.

          But there are some Chinese models like Fregie/Miranda that have a stunning aura and rare natural beauty that conveys to the camera. Or Fan Ling who is the quintessential girl next door. I can’t think of a single Korean model who has that tbh. They are all non-surgery and were famous before being rich enough to get it, hypothetically speaking.

  4. Anonymous

    Since when redflava become a wikipedia????

  5. Thang

    What is the name of the song at the first video

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