11 May ’16

Winny Putri Lubis – Popular Hot Socialite

Winny Putri Lubis is a popular and hot Asian socialite from Medan, Indonesia. Winny Putri Lubis was born on April 8th, 1994. If you’re interested in Winny Putri Lubis, check out these 93 pictures which are available for you to download in any of the following download mirrors!

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Winny Putri Lubis’s Red Flava links: Articles Profile

Winny Putri Lubis’s Statistics

Origin: Medan, Indonesia
Born: April 8, 1994
Occupation: socialite

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Written by: Nia
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  1. Panji

    Hooraaayy! :D

  2. Tom

    This girl has no looks

    • Reynold

      I second your opinion, I think people in my country just overrated this girl, compared to my college friends, this girl is considered as ordinary

      • Anonymous

        the reason is probably because she has money, so she got followers. if she has no money to buy good makeup and good clothes, no one will pay attention to her because of her looks and average body.

    • Anonymous

      You are just jealous lol

  3. Neal W. Syrette

    Yeah, like no real personality in front of the camera; I don’t see what the big appeal is.

  4. Anonymous

    She is one of the famous girl in Indonesia. She IG account have much followers like nookzii,burnfirebaifern and skykikijung from Thailand.

    Due no nude photos, she looks bargain, but isnt bad cause no ads on photos. hahaha

  5. Anonymous

    Nia, can you make complete pack of xia mo gigi??


  6. Savage

    This girl is just average, i bet i could have some relationship in bed with just a few thousand dollars tossing her way.

    • Joe Black

      keep dreaming buddy, I bet you got no looks or ugly, that’s why you need to spend few thousand dollar just to get her.. lol

    • Anonymous

      i agree she is very average, but she is rich, so doesn’t really need anyone’s money.

  7. noName

    Hi Nia, can I request for AoA’s Seol Hyun’s picture pack?

  8. dryntama

    Finally she’s here…

  9. andrea

    Biasa aja tuh.. kalo dibandingin ama model yg lain :)


    Miata for the win!!!! The fact that her name sounds like the scientific description of a vaginal infection doesn’t really help

  11. Reynold

    is there anyone noticed this girl using push-up bra to make her boobs more bigger?

  12. Dany

    I find it very pretty…. :-)

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