31 May ’16

A Yeon – Super Hot Korean Drummer

A Yeon 아연 is a sexy, attractive and popular South Korean drummer. Born on June 4th, 1990, A Yeon is better known as Bebop A-yeon 비밥 아연. A Yeon’s Chinese name is Ya Yan 雅妍, and she is the leader and drummer of the Korean group Bebop. Photos and videos of A Yeon are included in this post.

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A Yeon’s Red Flava links: Articles Profile

A Yeon’s Statistics

Other Name(s): Ya Yan 雅妍
Origin: South Korea
Born: June 4, 1990
Height: 162cm
Occupation: drummer

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  1. Tom

    Sexy drummer also she has lovely eyes

  2. Brownie

    dang! edgy=hot

  3. MrJ

    Looks soooo cute bopping up and down while drumming in that last video clip is soooo adorable

  4. Chris

    Thank you for fulfilling my request Nia :D

  5. Neal W. Syrette

    Wow! I’m left speechless by this one…

    That is definitely one sexy woman; absolutely gorgeous. (The video clips of her in action were a nice touch.)

    Definitely one of my new favourite Koreans to keep an eye out for.

    (I’m not big on the pictures of her with blonde hair though, she definitely looks better as a brunette)

  6. stevenpanca

    If I may share..
    she looks dazzling in this video :
    she even makes me think for a second, that she’s the most beautiful woman in the world :)

    • Neal W. Syrette

      Agreed. She looks very natural here (no glam, just her and her talent). Beautiful definitely, most beautiful? (I’d put her in the top thousand; the world is a pretty big place lol)

      Thanks for the share!

  7. stevenpanca

    And Nia, one more thing, if I may suggest.
    I think contents in the sidebar and footer of this site needs to be updated
    I mean, it’s still the same since my first visit 4 years ago..

    Like how would Im Ji Hye be the first ranked of top korean models, while there’s no post about her for 3 years

  8. rstrategy

    Thank you for such a beauty!

  9. simm

    appears her latest gig is in the US with Thee R Insane on word website

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