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10 Jan ’16

Request Any Model’s Picture Packs

Red Flava is going back to meeting any requests viewers have! Just leave the names of the models you’d like to see on Red Flava in the comment box below and we will do our best to collect their photos for you! Remember, we may not be able to update on every girl our viewers request, either because there aren’t any new photo shoots or because we don’t have enough time to keep up with the updates. If a model has no more than 10 new photos, we usually tend to put these into our regular Hot Picks packs.

We’d also appreciate it if anyone feels like donating to Red Flava here to help us with the monthly server cost and improvement and expansion of the site. We’re almost there with our new theme and changes, so keep visiting Red Flava, sharing some of our articles and supporting us if you like Asian models, fashion, trends and gossip.

So just let us know who you like below, a name or a link to a photo! :)

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Written by: Nia

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Nia, Redflava Writer.


  1. Anonymous

    Does anybody know who this is? :
    I used Google Images by uploading one of her photos. Her name might be Feng Jing Yuan (冯靖媛). Anybody heard of her?
    Anna Konno
    Asuka Kishi
    Im Soo Yeon
    Seo You Jin
    Yuuri Morishita
    Lee Eun Seo
    Wang Qiu Zi
    Song Xiao Jia
    Zhao Yu Fei
    Chen Yi Man
    Zhang Yu Fei
    Su Su
    Li Bingbing

    • Anonymous

      I know most of the models have been on this site but I just haven’t seen any updates. I know it is quite a list and updating takes time and whether or not the model is active. Will be waiting patiently :) Thank you!

    • Anonymous

      you are correct
      Feng Jing Yuan 冯靖媛
      and 水崎綾女

  2. Anonymous

    Would you consider posting pictures of Doris Yeh (bassist from the Tawainese metal band Cthonic) and CL from 2NE1? I know they are not models, but they have done photoshoots. It would be nice to see more edgy Asian women. Thanks

  3. Anonymous

    More Choi Seul Gi, Song Jina, and Ju Da Ha please!

  4. more hot mini dress please :D

  5. Anonymous

    more RYU JI HYE please!

    i know she has alot but i can’t be a member on her daum cafe..have to verify age somehow..

  6. Sarah

    I’d love to see more photos of the adorable Ai Shinozaki!

  7. Anonymous

    Toro Yu Zhu

  8. Mav

    how about Luvian model pack?

  9. Yoshegana


  10. Anonymous

    barbie ke er

  11. anonymous

    Park Hyun Sun

  12. tiger

    Han Zi Xuan pls!

  13. Anonymous

    Li ling
    Fang qi yuan

  14. Kim

    I request Nia photos thank you.

  15. kfsoze

    Jung Yun please

  16. Anonymous

    Xia Mo 夏茉 / Gigi

  17. MrJason

    My favourite girl, Sano Hinako

  18. Ryu Ji Hye
    Liu Fei Er
    Xia Mo / GiGi

  19. Xan

    what about your own photos Nia? ;)

  20. Anonymous

    Son Yeonju <3

  21. Nia

    Thanks for all the comments! I’ll update first on the ones that got more requests than others. :)

  22. Atticus

    Mai Hakase
    Mikie Hara
    Anna Konno
    Airi Suzumura
    Anri Sugihara
    Asuka Kishi
    Hwang Jung Eum
    Kang Yoo Lee
    Shin Se Ha
    Ryu Ji Hye
    Rosa Xiao Maomi
    Huan Miao Miao

    KPop Stars
    Ga In

  23. firebullet

    Heo Yun Mi?

  24. anon

    If possible any photos of Elly Tran Ha please!!

  25. bb

    Thai and Vietnamese models plz.

  26. Anonymous

    Ai Shang Zhen
    Atom Phakjira
    Chen Jing Ying
    Chen Si Qi
    Chen Zi Rui
    Chen Zi Yuan
    Cheon Bo Young
    Eun Ji Ye
    Fang Qi Yuan
    Guo Wan Qi
    Hao Qing
    Heo Yun Mi
    Lan Feng Huang
    Lee Eun Hye
    Ni Xiao Yao
    Pan Chun Chun
    Shi Yi Ke
    Shin Se Ha
    Wang Yi Na
    Yoko Mitsuya
    Zhang Xiao Xi
    Zhang Yu Fei
    Zheng Yi Fei

  27. Kiyomi

    I absolutely fell in love with Xu Cake the other day, so more of her would be totally awesome – and appreciated!
    Thanks so much Nia , love ya!! <3

  28. Joshua

    Hiroko Sato. I’m a LONG time fan of hers and though now retired, its almost a travesty that her contemporaries like Mikie Hara have multiple pages, and not one dedicated to her. She was Anna Konno before she existed for alot of people.

  29. Kiyomi

    Oh btw, I see crap about CL but all of 2NE1 is beautiful, and as a true Blackjack id LOVE to see a 2NE1 post that included them all…Dara, Bommie, Minzy, and yes cl.

  30. Kira

    Jin Mei Xin

  31. Anonymous

    Wang Xin Yao

  32. Anonymous

    Huang Ke

  33. Anonymous

    Ryu ji hye, Kang Yui, Sano Hinako, Sayumi Michishige, Han Ga Eun, Diem My, Ngoc Trinh, some cute Thai models, Some Taiwanese too.

  34. Mgvasqu

    I would love to see luvian and Barbie Ke Er photo packs.

  35. Anonymous

    han ga eun and sano hinako

  36. Anonymous

    Liu Yi Ning

  37. JinMeiXin12

    Chinese : Jin Mei Xin and Lucian
    Japanese : Sano Hinako
    Korean : Han Ga Eun and Im Ji Hye

  38. Anonymous

    Heo Yeon Mi

  39. Anonymous


  40. Anonymous

    Yumi Sugimoto or Sano Hinako

  41. Anonymous

    Yu da xiao jie
    Toro yu zhu

  42. RynSada

    Anri Sugihara
    Li Ling (Angela Lee)
    Liu Faye
    Xu Cake

  43. Anonymous

    I just want to request the very latest update of Yu Da Xiao Jie :)
    Thank you :)

  44. Anonymous

    Why don’t we started from Wan Wan Ji aka Queen (not quiet sure tho) but, god.. she’s just so hot. And please do uncensored.

  45. Anonymous

    Upload Yurisa Photo’s please… she’s really cute

  46. Anonymous

    Xia Mo 夏茉 (Gigi) please and thank you.

  47. Lazy

    Whose the girl in the picture?

  48. Anonymous

    Sensing failed. Abort, Retry, Spam?

  49. I would like to see more of An Rui Tian. Also a big fan of Guo Ting Yu. (And one of the prettyest girls I’ve seen is Lee Yeon Yoon). Love to see more of them. Thanks, Nia!

  50. Anonymous

    Yoko Mastugane
    Anrisugihara of cause
    Riko Tachibana

  51. Anonymous

    If anything I would love to see more barefeet shots, or just shots where you can see the model’s feet (like sexy lingerie, or swimsuit pictures for example). A lot of the girls on this site have really cute feet and I would love to see more!

  52. Anonymous

    Han Ga Eun. Definetly Han Ga Eun. She often participates in auto shows and stuff so it won’t be hard either to get updates of her. Seriously, I mostly go here just to see if she got any new pics!

  53. Anonymous

    There was a Chinese model featured here a while back named Lan Yan, nicknamed “3D Goddess” and is of quarter Russian descent and from Shanghai. Any updates?

  54. Seta

    Park Go Eun from Laysha

  55. Anonymous

    more of judaha and lee eun hye please

  56. edo

    Yuri model from lingerie Anna mu,she is cute & sexy

  57. plzzzzzzz post some ARISA(亜里沙)’s picture

  58. I look forward every time new updates and am fully satisfied. a variety of models will be presented and it is always up to date, I have seen all photos 2012 – today. The best I liked -.> SEO AH <-, unfortunately only 1 post so far. I am pleased with NEW SEO AH UPDATES :)

  59. Anonymous

    Lee Ji Min please !!

  60. Anonymous
    Girl in yellow bikini ,above her and 2and below yellow bikini name plz

  61. akshay

    i wanna see barbie ke er

  62. Akidan

    Please make a post of complete set for 3 of them:

    Bag Seon Hye (Yurisa)
    Lai Yi Xuan (賴伊玄)
    Park Nima

    Or if it’s up already let me know the link? I tried using the search to no available.

  63. Anonymous

    Choi seul gi pls :)))

  64. Anonymous

    Luvian Ben Neng

  65. Anonymous

    Zhang Yuqi

  66. joe

    EllyTran Ha, Linketong

  67. Anonymous

    Choi seul ji

  68. Anonymous

    Liu Yaxi
    More Barbie Ke Er

  69. shiro

    Yuriko Shiratori
    Wakana Matsumoto
    Yuumi Shida
    Fumika Baba
    Rio Uchida

  70. Multiplexer

    Cha Sun Hwa

  71. Chris

    Kyoko Fukada please

  72. Anonymous

    hello :) can you make a picture pack of Elly Tran Ha? thank you and have a nice day! :)

  73. Mirrorflame


    Can you make a picture pack of You Mei 尤美 (Yumi)?

    Thank you and have a great week!

  74. Anonymous

    Zhang wan you

  75. anonymous

    Zhang wan you

  76. Anonymous

    Toro! Toro! Toro Yu Zhu!

  77. Zhen zhu

    Toro! Toro! Toro Yu Zhu!

  78. Bryan Wong

    Gigi Xia Mo please….she’s my godess

  79. Anonymous

    Choi Seul Gi and Toro Yu Zhu

  80. Anonymous

    (マギー) ~ maggy moon please :3

  81. Anonymous

    Minyoung Kim please

  82. Anonymous

    Minyoung Kim please…

  83. Anonymous

    Yun Sarang

  84. Anonymous


  85. Brad

    Beer Passaranan Ussadamongkol. such a cuite I think

  86. Anonymous

    Plz upload pics of “Li Lisha “.

  87. Brad

    is the girl on the pic selena??
    I search it but cant find it

  88. ArthasM

    Chen Jing Ying

  89. Chen Jing Ying please Nia

  90. Krau

    More of Hikaru Aoyama!

    And I think I haven’t seen anything of Yuka Kuramochi…
    And of course, more Ai Shinozaki

  91. Raj

    Can you update Im Soo Yeon latest picture pack and lots of Im Soo Yeon Picture

  92. Anonymous


  93. ls

    i really would like to see is
    Becky Zhao she’s so hot

  94. Anonymous

    Bèi jī zhào
    more Becky Zhao please

  95. Nick

    Lee soo bin is the hottest
    Please more pics of her

  96. Anonymous

    Can you upload Lee Chae Eun’s photoshot for For Love and Lemons? I saw some of her pics in this album on tumblr, but they are in low-res. This is one of them. Can you upload it in high-res, please?

  97. Chris

    Hello Nia, I’d like to request picture pack for Erina Kamiya please. Thank you very much

  98. Anonymous

    Hey Nia,
    刘娅希 Liu Yaxi Avine picture pack please

  99. anyname

    Yu ji .thanks nia

  100. Alexa

    please give a post of ddwu武迪.. She’s a shop owner in taobao..

  101. Anonymous


  102. Alexa

    Can you please do a post on her 潘雨潤PanYR_? .. She`s too adorable..
    Please do a post on her.. thankyou

  103. Anonymous

    Lee ji min! Thanks.

  104. Anonymous

    Selena娜露 if you have time

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