12 Dec ’16

Top 12 Most Voted Taiwanese Girls 2016

A recent poll has shown who are the goddesses in Taiwan nowadays and who are the most popular on the Internet right now. Here we’ll briefly share with you their names and photos, and feel free to find out more about them if you’re interested.

No. 1. Xie Jie Ling 解婕翎

No. 2. Chen Yu Xi 陈瑀希

No. 3. Xiao Xue 小雪

No. 4. Chen Ai Lin 陈艾琳

No. 5. Fang Qi Yuan 方祺媛 (Red Flava page)

No. 6. Xu Meng Xi 许萌希

No. 7. Cheng Yu Qiao 成语荞

No. 8. Zhang Jia Ying 张佳莹

No. 9. Le Fu 乐芙

No. 10. Shu Zi Chen 舒子晨

No. 11. Ji Bu Xin  纪卜心

No. 12. Ai Rui Si 艾瑞丝 (Aries)

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Written by: Nia
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  1. stevenpanca

    So her name is Fang Qi Yuan,
    I once found her in YouTube, but have no idea what is her name, because the title, description, and comments all written in Chinese.
    Thanks, Nia.

  2. Jebuba

    Honestly we need a category for taiwanese beauties but thanks Nia you are the best

  3. MrJason

    Because of you Nia, my little ‘brother’ is now like a stick.

  4. marcel

    Cheng Yu Qiao 成语荞? is that her real name? does anyone knows? please let me know

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