15 May ’16

Ju Da Ha Passes Away in Tragic Accident

I was thinking whether I should make a post because this is such sad news. One of our most popular Korean race queens Ju Da Ha just passed away in a tragic car accident today in an intersection located in Yeongam, South Korea. The race queen was on her way to the 2016 Asia Speed Festival with five other racing models, who were now gravely injured and in critical condition.

It was reported that she was rushed to the hospital by paramedics and was eventually declared deceased at 8:40 am KST. We are still waiting for the updates on the other five race queens who are still being rescued at the hospital. Ju Da Ha was one of our favourite racing models; may she rest in peace and our deepest condolences go out to her, her family and those who love her!

Source: Dispatch

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Written by: Nia
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  1. Anonymous

    NOOOOOOO!!! Damn I hope she rests in peace

  2. K

    Rest in Peace Ju Da Ha :(

  3. B.T

    If you don’t mind, who are the other five race queen involved in the tragic accident?

  4. Seta

    Sad to her. RIP.

  5. Lyntz

    It’s a joke ? plz tell me it’s a joke ? !!
    why !! why her ! :'( i don’t know her, i know lot of peoples die around the world, but…
    I am so sad… :my heart is broken…


  6. rogelio

    Really sad news…

  7. J.Me

    Rest In Peace

  8. Anonymous

    RIP beautiful didn’t know her in person but saw many of her photo posts here, accidents suck they take a lot of the good stuff we should keep in life.

  9. Garrison

    R.I.P. Ju Da Ha :'(. May your smile rain down on us from Heaven now!

  10. Anonymous

    :'( R.I.P

  11. Anonymous

    :'( I cant believed :-( she was so cute
    R.I.P at least she is in a beter place

  12. Anonymous

    I cant believed, she was so cute
    :'( R.I.P at least she is in beter place now

  13. jdoe

    I still can’t believe it..
    I know her from IIMS a couple years ago, I met her there and she was nice..

  14. DavidNK

    R.I.P. God bless you. You willbe in ours hearts forever. You’re are our best Queen Race, and nobody willbe in your site.

  15. Kok Fu Sheng

    Noooooo whyyyy noooo :(

  16. Anonymous

    So very very sad. Rest in peace.

  17. King

    im in shock & can’t believe its real. i wish it is a hoax. she is one of my favorite queens. so sad……she has taken so many great photos here now her legacy left to the rest of fans. R. I . P – you will always be remembered.

  18. Tom

    Very sad news to start Monday off gonna miss her & her killer smile . :( :(

  19. james

    😢 r.i.p 😢

  20. Anna

    Rest in peace.

  21. Anonymous

    Shocking news…. RIP

  22. puppiluv

    Anybody know the names of the other 5 models who were also injured?

  23. Anonymous

    Pls remove her pics cuz somebody will go to this site without knowing anything n donload her n fap ..that s crappy!

  24. zjokubve

    Bro remove her pics from this site cuz somebody will come here without knowiing anything n downlod her n fap! That is crappy!

    • Anonymous

      bet many still do that to marilyn monroe. they should do the opposite, post more pictures in memory of her and to honor her, pay respect to her. she shouldnt be forgotten.

  25. zjokubve

    I post 2x cuz the 1st didnt appear sory

  26. Anonymous

    O M G :'( :'(

  27. forunner

    She was so young and beautiful.
    Rest in Peace Ju Da Ha . :'( :'(

  28. Dragon

    So Sad too young to be taken so early Rest In Peace Ju Da Ha

  29. the last pic is the best :D

  30. Anonymous

    Condolence. Rest in Peace

  31. Anonymous

    Fuuuuuck TT.TT


  32. Brownie

    Fuck this wooooorld!!

    Why must you die soo soon?!!?!?!

  33. verdei

    Really Sad to hear about this. You left too soon, but its ok, it just means that whatever God you believe in just wants such a beautiful lady for himself. Thank you for all the beautiful shots of you that you have given to this world. RIP and may you live well in heaven

  34. yowwt

    So beautiful, so tragic. Too young to go. RIP.

  35. TheFamilyCat

    Very sad. RIP

  36. HUNT3R

    So sad :'(

  37. Anonymous


  38. Anonymous

    God Bless Gorgeous…

  39. Anonymous

    I’ll still love you in heaven, my angel. The time we had together was pure joy. Our secret will remain our secret, my love. <3

  40. The One

    I’ll still love you in heaven, my angel. The time we had together was pure joy. Our secret will remain our secret, my love. <3

  41. Nebula

    Rest in peace, you beautiful star.

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