7 Jan ’16

Li Bingbing Criticizes Australia’s Healthcare

Famous Chinese actress Li Bingbing 李冰冰 recently struggled with Australia’s healthcare system. While the actress was filming the upcoming Chinese-Australian sci-fi film “The Nest” in Australian earlier last month, she purportedly suffered from a 39-degree fever. After two weeks of not getting better, she suspected she had SARS and visited three Australian hospitals where she had to wait one or two hours to see a doctor.

Li Bingbing was forced to fly back home after Australian doctors’ failure to treat her illness. On her Weibo account, she criticized the nurse’s skills to correctly insert an IV line in her arm and their lack of apologetic attitude, sharing several photos of her blood staining the hospital’s bedsheets. She mentioned the pain in her Weibo update and also wrote: “Missing motherland’s healthcare workers so much”. After 22 days with a high fever Li Bingbing was finally discharge from the hospital in China. However, the actress is still expected to return to Australia for filming.

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Written by: Nia

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  1. Anonymous

    Spoiled brat…

  2. Anonymous

    Probably expensive ass private hospital. Try going to a public hospital more hahaah

  3. Just Another Patron

    She is such a clueless person that doesn’t really deserve that much attention.

    First, she sucked in Transformers… and Forbidden Kingdom .. Oh God, why does Hollywood even pays attention to this lady is beyond me.

    The stupid thing she did was actually going to a Emergency Hospital in the first place.

    When you have a fever of 103 or 104, they’re not going to treat you like royalty… come on…

    Emergency Hospital go by severity of the situation. If there’s 2 gun shot wounds ahead of you, you’re guaranteed to wait 2 to 5 hours depending on the situation and the amount of staffs on call.

    I have witness a small child with a half broken arm hanging on his joint, just sat in the Emergency Hospital wait room for more than 4 hours dosed up on morphine. The kid seemed to be about 6 to 8 years old. No one in the right minds wants to watch a kid suffer that much, but when you have multiple gun shot wounds to the chest and face, and all the Doctors and Nurses are busy with previously admitted patients, this is what would happen.

    Honestly, you’re not in the East anymore, you should know that. It’s not like you can pull the “I’m Li BingBing, I’m a VIP celeb” card in the West. No one cares if you can pay them $50,000 USD cash for a spot, they don’t work for your blackmail funds, they go back the severity of the patients as they come in.

    • Anonymous

      First of all, I agree with you about how she shouldn’t have gone to emergency departments after having waited for so many days with a high fever. But she was pretty worried that she got SARS and anyone would be afraid. Secondly, she’s not used to Western medical system where you see doctors based on an appointment system. I don’t think it’s so much that she thought she could use her celebrity status or money to deal with the matter, it’s more like she was culturally shocked that the system is different and she probably panicked a bit. You can’t really think straight when you have a high fever and lost so much blood, you know. Lastly, she did try several hospitals and put up with the waiting, the illness and the inexperienced treatment of the nurse. So it’s not so wrong to just complain a little and updated the fans with her progress. I think it’s the media and haters who made this whole thing a bigger deal than it was.

  4. Kim

    Well, no body to treat her like a celebrity, even in my country I have wait for hours for treatment.

  5. Vince

    Sorry, but she is so hot that she should have been treated first. Would be such a shame to lose a beauty like that.

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