17 Jun ’15

Video Cuties – HYM, HGE, CSG, KHY

A typical day for these Korean beauties? The following videos feature race queens and models Han Ga Eun, Choi Seul Gi, Heo Yun Mi and Kim Ha Yul. They drive, they shop and they eat. Anyone who knows Korean can translate the videos into English if they’re interested. Correct me if I’m wrong, I think this Youtube channel is run by Heo Yun Mi herself. It’s a fairly new channel, as some of these models have recently started to post more videos of themselves and opened their own live cam channels.

Live cam shows have become increasingly popular nowadays, especially in China and South Korea. Many Korean models have even turned to this new trend for their incomes. In these channels, the girls talk, dance and eat. In a way, they’re showing their true personalities, or the type of girls they want to become in real life. We don’t know how long these channels are going to stay, but just let us know if you’re interested, and we’ll post videos that we find in our posts.

For now, feel free to watch the following videos of some of our most popular Korean models! Because too many videos will slow down the page, stay tuned for more upcoming model video posts!

– Click the models’ names to go to their individual Red Flava pages –

Han Ga Eun
Choi Seul Gi
Heo Yun Mi
Kim Ha Yul

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  1. LeeJiMin

    HAN GA EUN!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mark

    I am unsure of the amount of moolah you are looking for? through donation. It seems to me that your thinking is incorrect concerning content (type, repetition…etc.) I understand being an owner of CLEC’s and wholesale internet providers….I have been in business for many years dealing with theses problems posed to many. Enlighten me to the exact nature of your problem.

  3. Nguyễn Bảo Tú

    Choi Seul Gi!!

  4. the dude

    nia, if i had more free time, i would translate these for you. unfortunately, i dont have time.
    and god, han gaeun is adorable. i think her voice is the cutest. plus, shes always eating.

  5. Encounter FM

    Xs! Xs! Hi! Hi! What’s What’s Up Up

  6. I’m amazed at how often they use their mobile phone

  7. Anonymous

    Are you trying to say Anri Sugihara was the only ten year old in the world playing OnePiece videogame on gameboy color.

  8. TheFamilyCat


  9. WaterBottle

    These fricken retards look the same. This is why I never liked the “Korean” sense of beauty.

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