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18 Nov ’15

RedFlava Server Down!

Dear RedFlava readers, sorry about yesterday! Our server’s motherboard had a fault, and everything needed to be moved to new hardware, so RedFlava was unavailable for nearly the whole day.

Thankfully Flava managed to get everything back working the same, however, we noticed lately that we’re meeting traffic and resources caps because we seem to get spammed by a lot of different bots. It’s impossible to protect against them with our resources. Don’t give up on us yet though, we’ll continue to do our best with maintenance and updates!

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Written by: Nia

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Nia, Redflava Writer.


  1. ebakun

    Nia, who is she? please…

    Nia…your red flava always be my favourite…good work nia…red flava is the best!

  2. request weibo pics
    yu da xiao jie
    chen qi si


  3. David Nathaniel Katzenbach


    Don’t be worry. I’m very happy you’re online again.


  4. aris

    Next Post request Ai Shinozaki

  5. Ary

    Nia provide full post of this girl and same post plz

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